Structures to Keep You on Purpose

Structures To Keep You On PurposeYou know the importance of goals, so you make them. You know what a bad habit looks like and notice when you’re doing that thing you do that sabotages your success. But how do you stop doing those things that keep you from your goals and start doing more of the stuff that gets you closer?

Create a structure that will support you in practicing one really good habit.

Just one goal can take many structures to support it. Which structure will work
best? The one that inspires and doesn’t feel like a chore!

One structure that works well with exercise is a 90-day challenge. My workout
studio just did the Little Black Dress Challenge. The person who went to the most classes in one month won a prize. We put gold stars on a chart each day we attended a class.

What I love about this structure is that it was focused on one thing: Increasing our attendance. We were motivated by prizes, stars on a chart, and the possibility of looking “hot” in our little black dresses. It worked for me! I began going to class one extra day a week. Now it’s a habit. And I feeeeeel awesome after each class, which moves me closer to my goal of having my best body ever!

One of my friends from the gym wants accountability with her workouts. So she
either shows up for her workout or pays me $50. This is one way I prefer not to
make money. And only once has she ever had to pay me money. I used this structure with a group of friends years ago in a similar way, and I got to my goal weight within a couple of months. In fact, all of us met our goals!

One of my girlfriends just told me that she wrote in my Speed Dial the Universe Journal for 70 days straight. When she told me what she created in profits for those 70 days, it floored me! Guess who began writing in her journal daily?

Another cool structure posted on Facebook by Kat Tansey:

Get a LARGE jar or container. Fill it with notes about all the good things that happen… list all the good things that you experienced or received and then drop that piece of paper in your container. I recommend you do this EVERY DAY and on New Year’s Eve next year, dump out all those little pieces of paper and review them to see all the amazing and awesome things that happened over the year!

My six-year- old used to always throw a fit when it was time to brush his teeth or get dressed. So we made a sticker chart to make these daily tasks worth doing. Santa delivered a vibrating toothbrush that he now runs to in the morning!

Some structures use accountability; others rewards. Sometimes it’s simply about finding a way to practice the new habit that makes it easy. When I have a water bottle in every room in the house, I drink more water. I just needed a way to make it easy for me to remember to drink the water! And keeping lemons and cucumbers in the fridge to slice into the water helps even more!

What is your one big business goal that could easily be supported by practicing one new habit? And what are one or two structures that would support you in your new practice?

A few years back I hired a coach for creating more flow in my home and business. I was going to postpone it for a couple of months and then thought, “The one thing I want most right now is a feeling of spaciousness so I can be more creative in my work!” Plunking the money down for her services created immediate accountability (and excitement!) for me.

Have fun with your structure. =)
I would love to know what you come up with on my Facebook page or in the comments below!


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How Bad Do You Want It?

How Badly Do You Want It?Man, when I want something real bad, you’d better not get in my way. I get my focus locked on it like a bull going after the cape. When I’m in this state of mind, I always get my desired end result. Always.

Has that been your experience, too? If not, read on, because I have the light switch primed and ready for you to turn ON to that thing you want in your business.

It’s not the “wanting” that gets me the prize. It’s the decision that I AM WINNING! I plan it, I taste it, and I get excited about it. I plan some more. I take necessary actions, too.

The one thing that never, ever, ever works is getting so worked up that I will freak out if I don’t get it, also known as the manifestation killer called “attachment.”

This is where focusing on the essence of what you want is oh-so important.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want ___________________? What will it ultimately give me? What is the bigger picture?”

Then get locked on to the essence. Be unattached to the how and you’re golden.

As an example, Eva Gregory was invited to attend a full-day mastermind at John Assaraf’s (bad a$$ multimillionaire from The Secret) home with several other powerful peeps in our industry.

I was so jealous. I begged her to tell me every little detail when she got home. Being my best gal pal, she did. Now I was salivating. I wanted that experience for myself and was deeply appreciative to live vicariously through her at that moment.

A year later, I had an opportunity to spend a full day masterminding with Robert G. Allen. I decided the moment I heard it was a possibility that I would INDEED go, even if the reality looked there was no way in hell that would happen.

I loved Robert for over a decade. His book, The One Minute Millionaire, is one of my most referred-to books. I love Multiple Streams of Income. I interviewed him on The Jeanna & Eva Show back in the day and loved his authenticity. I wanted him to give me personal feedback on how to grow my business BAD.

I moved my calendar around to make sure I was available the day the possible
mastermind was scheduled to happen. I told my team that I was going to win my prize. I knew that even if I didn’t get invited through normal channels, I was somehow going to be there.

Of course, I got what I wanted. And I got to play with some other very successful mentors that you probably know and love. If I hadn’t been invited, my life wouldn’t have ended. I wasn’t attached. I got the prize.

It’s a fine line to want something but not have fear if you don’t get it. I don’t always get what I want. But when I want it bad enough to take a standand shout, “THIS IS MINE!” life bends over backward to deliver it to me.

You have to be bold, dream it, announce it, go the distance, play to win, and above all know that you darn well can attract anything you want or need for your business. You have the ability to get the best mentors, team members, 5-Star Clients, and software systems available. Even if none of these things look available… they are.

You have to ask the questions that direct you down a path of winning. “What do I need to do right now to get this thing in motion? Who can help me? What do I need to believe about me? If I were playing to win, how would I play?”

It’s worth the personal growth you’ll get in the process. Plus, you’ll have really good stories to share when you’re holding the prize with a big, fat smile on your face.

So how badly do YOU want it?


 You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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5 Simple Steps To Making More Money In Your Business – Starting TODAY

Not many experts share how to deal with money in your biz. I discovered Belinda Rosenblum several years ago and asked her to teach her profit secrets to my high-level clients, and they loved her. Belinda is a CPA and wealth expert who helps you take the worry and fear out of money. She believes life is supposed to be fun, and money is supposed to fund it for you! Hell yeah!

This week I’ve asked her to give quick and doable tips to make more moola ASAP.
5 simple steps to making more money in your business – starting TODAY
There are days when you wake up, FIRED UP about your business.

Those are the best, right? When you can’t wait to hit your computer, you’ve got ideas flowing, and it feels like there’s a ton of momentum in your business.

And then… there are the days where it feels like a slow slog.

What’s the difference?

As an entrepreneur myself – and after working with other business owners – I know one thing’s for sure.

When your business isn’t meeting your money goals, it really sucks the joy out of owning a business.

But what if you could have more money… right now?
Without having to accept clients at bargain-basement rates?
Or by accepting a job you really don’t enjoy doing, just to get by?

It is absolutely possible.

5 ways you can make more money in your business…

1. Raise your rates.
TODAY. Your clients will appreciate what you give them in return, trust me!

2. Repackage your offerings.
For example, if you offer packages of 6 sessions to be used anytime, but you know that people will enjoy the most impact with 1 or 2 regular session each month, then re-price yourself to be a monthly investment.

You get consistent income and your clients get reliable ongoing support and the related confidence that comes from knowing they have you as a safety net. Offer a small pay-in-full discount or bonus and collect more money now.

3. Identify new business lines and client types.
How could you broaden the demographic you serve, or tailor your services to a related specific additional market, and still best serve your clients (just serve more of them!)?

4. Bill for ALL services rendered and collect from ALL your clients.
Don’t shortchange yourself on hours worked and time spent. And yes, even if it was 6-12-18 months ago… just call them, apologize, and work out a payment plan for collection.

5. Get creative about additional services you could offer the “gold mine” that is your past clients.
They hired you once, likely love you, and could welcome an opportunity to work with you again! (Personally, I couldn’t believe how many people came out of the woodwork to re-join with me in the Money Makers Academy.)

Once you let go of the shame and struggle of not earning what you want to in your business, you will actually open yourself up to more money. You begin to take the non-supportive emotions out and replace them with a clear head to make much better financial decisions.

Making more money doesn’t have to be hard.

Your business is a lot more fun when you’re making good money. And money’s a lot better when you understand it and confidently know what to do with it – both in your business and personal finances.

Liked these tips? You’ll love Belinda’s FREE Shift Your Money Destiny Workshop and learn the step-by-step secrets to managing your money.
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Powwow to Get New Clients Fast

Powwow To Get New Clients FastWhen you reach for the panic button every time you think about money … pause. This is not the time to contemplate getting a job. Don’t go to your nearest friend or call mom for soothing. Stay away from consulting your team members and spouse, too. And for goodness sake, don’t leak your worries on social media.

You’ll want to go elsewhere for generating ideas, confidence, and clarifying your next steps to get more money in the door.

I suggest having a powwow (a powerful meeting of the minds) with the very person you need most … your ideal client. And not just any ideal client. You want to chat it up with the one who will buy your most profitable service or product package.

Most of the time, you’ll be grateful to get any client to say yes when it’s money-crunch season. But when it’s time for a big cash infusion, go for the gold.

What is the highest-priced ticket you offer? Or what is your most time-leveraged offer?

For me, my highest-priced service is 1:1 coaching. My best time-leveraged offer is my Launch Your Money Maker program. When I feel anxious about my cash flow, I get clear on where I most want people to invest their money with me.

Once you’re clear on what you most want to sell, push away from your desk.Imagine the ideal type of person who would say yes. Think about how excited they would be after they say yes. Tap into their joy.

Next, close your eyes and imagine the essence of that person sitting in front of you. They’ve come to have a powwow. In this conversation, it’s your higher-self talking to your client’s higher-self. You don’t need to impress them because they want your solution as much as you want to serve more clients.

There is no desperation or convincing. You’re surrounded in abundance. You’ve come to seek answers from a place of curiosity.

Ask any questions that will lead you to things you can do to empower yourself, to manifest the ideal number of ideal clients lickety-split.

Here are some suggestions:

  • What are your biggest obstacles to saying yes to my solutions?
  • What do you need to hear from me in order to say yes?
  • What’s the easiest way for you to hear my message?
  • What do you see that I can shift to let you in?
  • What’s the best timing to reach out?
  • What should I do less or more of?
  • Is there a product or service that I can tweak to be more appealing and valuable to you?
  • How can I have more fun sharing my information with you?
  • What would make you fall instantly in love with what I offer?

Once the powwow is over, capture your ahas and ideas on paper. Decide which items will give you the most bang for your energy and go for it.

There is no greater advice on getting clients than from the client himself. Yes, you may feel like you’re just making up stuff in your head, but if it feels good, then you’re raising your attractor factor.

The worst possible mistake you can make at this point is not moving forward with the information you receive.

And if you need to do this exercise daily to increase your client-getting mojo, do it!

What’s the first thing you want to ask your ideal client?



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Practice Abundance to Increase Your Revenue

Practice Abundance to Increase Your RevenueEverything you do is a practice. Got a messy desk? It’s a practice. Always find yourself needing to make more money? That’s a practice, too.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that throughout your day most of your actions and thoughts are habitual. And often, that’s not a good thing!

If you practice something for a few weeks (or even a few days!) it can become an unconscious habit. You always attract more of the thoughts and actions you practice.

For instance, I notice on Mondays I ease into my workday by going through my email inbox. I don’t usually take any appointments on Mondays, therefore it’s a spacious day and designed to work on projects. It was not a conscious decision to automatically dive into email every morning and get sidetracked for hours answering them. This is how easy it is to get set in a behavior. It works the same way with attracting abundance!

You’ve heard that it takes 21 days of repeating an action or a thought before it becomes a habit, right? Well, how many habits do you have? Which ones help you attract profit? Which ones just suck up your time? Which ones literally work against you?

Take time to do a little self-check right now. If you don’t, you probably have a habit of not taking time out to create powerful new habits.

I’ll give you some examples from my own life.

Habits that support my abundance and peace of mind:

  • Walking
  • Mastermind meetings
  • Weekly business meetings
  • Delegating work to my fabulous assistants
  • Setting my intentions for each day (I do a minimum of six; I use Stephen Covey’s 6 Big Rocks formula)
  • Scripting out my business goals (writing stories about my goals as if they’ve already manifested)
  • Tracking my income/expenses
  • Breathing purposefully
  • Going to the gym
  • Creating specific goals in all areas of my life
  • Having structures in my life that keep me accountable to my goals
  • Listening to uplifting audios and videos
  • Checking email only 3 times a day
Habits that suck up my time (I stopped some of these years ago when I took inventory of my habits and found that these ticked me off!):

  • Checking email too many times a day
  • Reading almost every joke that gets sent to me via email from my family
  • Tearing articles/recipes out of magazines and then having to file them
  • Reading aviation articles that I know don’t impact me
  • Reading accident reports for skydiving (I used to skydive every weekend)

Habits that work against me (notice that many of these habits have transformed into habits that work for me, above):

  • Making business plans without accountability
  • Not forecasting with my finances
  • Being complacent about my team’s performance
  • Not delegating enough
  • Worrying about not making my targets
  • Not trusting
  • Loose targets with my team
  • Waiting until the last minute to get the articles to my VA for my ezine (used to drive my team bonkers!)
  • Waiting until after 6pm to go to the gym
  • Not taking time to read books
  • A messy desk

Habitual behavior is a direct result of your thoughts. For instance, if you constantly worry about not having enough money, you’ll begin practicing profit-sabotaging behaviors. But if you decided you were sick and tired of worrying about having enough money, you could intentionally begin to practice empowering habits around money.

Every time you accidentally slip into worry, consciously get your mind to focus on a visual of you rolling in money (doesn’t that sound fun?!). Next, you could set up a minimum of two new habits to practice that will support the vision of you being surrounded in piles of cash.

Your new habits can be big or small. Your frame of mind and personality will dictate what is best for you at this moment. I like to incorporate both small and big habits when I want to increase my abundance.

The small habits keep you grounded on a daily basis and are easy to accomplish, increasing your confidence. The big habits create change quickly. They are defining. For instance, twelve years ago my business hit a big slump and I acquired a lot of debt. It felt out of my control, so I took charge and shredded all of my credit cards except my American Express business account.

That was powerful for me and it affirmed my commitment to my new revenue goal. I also created spreadsheets that tracked my income and my debt balances. This was a big deal for me to create, but a small thing to fill in every week. I began the practice of overdelivering to my clients.

Nine months later I was completely out of debt and I had doubled my income! Small practices led to huge results (thank goodness!).

Now, back to you. Which habits are you willing to drop right this moment?Choose two. If you feel apprehensive about letting them go, ask yourself what is possible by letting them go. You want to get connected to the impact these practices have in your life.

Now choose two to three new empowering habits that will serve your goal of abundance. Decide how you’ll stick to practicing these new habits while they are in progress.

By the way, all habits are your choice. Good, bad or ugly… you are the one that practices them. You can change them at any given moment. Do something different.

Baby steps lead to avalanches of revenue.

What’s your next baby step then?
Here’s a practice! For those of you who prefer to manage finances on your own, QuickBooks offers a wide range of invoicing packages perfect for any business. Be sure to take a look and see if you can find one aligned with your needs.
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Money Talk

Money TalksConversations about money abound. We usually talk aloud about money when we’ve just had an unexpected expense, a dry spell with income, or some other painful experience. It’s quite acceptable in American culture to complain and fret to each other about our finances. In fact, others will quickly join in with you for a pity party.

We also like to whisper about the loads of money Joe Blow from Windy City has in his possession. People talk about others who make a lot of money like it’s a dirty thing rather than something to celebrate. A friend of mine left a message that he’s consistently bringing in $7,000 a day in an industry where most people would think that was impossible.

I truly get inspired when I hear of others’ success. Why? It gets me excited to know that if other people can get in alignment with consistently growing their income, joyfully, then I can too.

It’s important to be aware of our conversations with others about money.Remember, you amplify any thought when you give it your attention. As Mike Dooley likes to say, “Thoughts become things.” The more attention you give to something, the faster and bigger you bring it into your reality. Complain about not having enough money and it’s a surefire way to attract more experiences around lack of money.

Most people forget that the Universe doesn’t know what’s real or not. It simply reads how you’re feeling and then gives you more of that experience.  Appreciate the money you have and others’ success with it, and guess what you’ll get more of? That’s right! Love money, and money will love you! Have fun with it, and it’ll bring more joy into your life.

The conversations in your head about money are just as important as the ones you say aloud. Some of them happen without you even knowing. They come as an overall feeling of worry, lack, or having to be in abundant action with money. They happen so often that you don’t even notice anymore.
I boosted my money mojo when I first released my now best-selling product using a game I created with my bestie, Eva Gregory, the What If Up Game:

What if . . .
  • Speed Dial the Universe journal sold out in the first month?

  • Mind Games did the same?

  • Every major bookstore in the world carried these products?

  • Both products were translated into every major language?

  • The next two visualization CDs I create came bundled with Mind Games?

  • The people who bought these products loved them so much that they ended up buying other products and referring me to others?

  • These customers filled all of my classes to create waitlists?

The point here is to begin deliberately directing all conversations about money toward an outcome that empowers you. Stop wondering if you’re going to be able to afford something. Decide that you will have more than enough. Stop looking at your current reality to make your future. Decide that your financial future gets better each month.

All prosperity begins in your head. Action is last. Action must come from the knowing that you are on your way up the financial ladder. Enjoy the climb.
What new conversation about your prosperity will you have today?


 You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Don’t Work So Hard At Attraction

Don't Work So Hard At AttractionThere’s an abundance of information about how to make more money, have a successful business, and create a more fulfilling life.

Some of the information is not true… especially when it comes to the Law of Attraction. It makes it look like you need to be careful of every thought and word that comes out of your mouth or you’ll attract something negative or scary.

Never fear. Literally. Being deliberate about where your attention goes shouldn’t become a job. Yes, it’ll take practice to trust that you get to have an abundance of clients, money, and whatever else you want. But consider it simply a practice.

If you find yourself worrying about something that may happen in the future, relax. The last thing you want to do is worry about what you’ve been worrying about. It kind of defeats the whole purpose, right?

The fastest way out of stress, sadness, anger, or plain old helplessness is to acknowledge, accept, feel, and address what’s happening. Resisting where you’re currently at in life or how you’re feeling will only dig you into a deeper hole.

For instance, let’s say you notice that you’re feeling very frustrated that your cash flow is down this month. You notice that all you can think about is going broke and never getting ahead.

Then you remember that the Law of Attraction will deliver whatever you’re thinking. Yikes! This means you’re repelling clients. How should you react?

First, acknowledge how you’ve been feeling. Next, ask yourself if you’re willing to feel a little bit better about money. If the answer is no, that’s okay. When you’re ready to shift your focus… you will. You have full permission to be upset or worry. Stay there until you’re ready to truly do something different.

If you’re ready to feel better, then it’s best to ease your way into a better feeling. It’s pretty tough to go from feeling like a victim to feeling like a 7-figure biz owner in a matter of moments. It’s not impossible, but you’ll have longer-lasting results when you take baby steps and don’t force yourself to be a happy camper when you’re not truly feeling like one.

Ask yourself if there’s any action you can take that’ll move you toward feeling more confident about client attraction. If it feels natural and you have a sense of relief while taking the action, you know you’re headed in the right direction. If the action feels like it will add more stress to your plate, hold off.

The whole process of attraction is much easier than you may be making it. You don’t have to manage every thought in your brain. You don’t have to ask for what you want, over and over again, until you manifest it. You don’t have to do endless techniques and processes to “make” your goals happen.

All you need to know about the Law of Attraction is:

  • Be clear on the outcomes, goals, experiences, and material things you desire.
  • Be clear how you want to feel day-to-day.
  • Make how you feel the highest priority.
  • Embrace the fact that you are actually safe in this world. 
  • Practice being deliberate, and hop back on the horse anytime you fall off.
  • If you’re going to be angry or sad, at least choose to consciously be there rather than landing there by default and being swallowed up by it.
  • Have a good time whatever you’re doing. You’re always en route to the next thing, so enjoy the now. Even good stuff comes out of being in a funk.
  • Any action you take has to be a want to rather than a have to orshould.
  • It’s none of your business what your family, employees, or friends are doing, and it’s not your job to fix their lives. Mind your own business.
  • Live your life for your personal joy and you will always serve others in the most empowering way without even trying.
  • Relax, this is supposed to be fun. It’s a game, not work.
  • Surround yourself with people and things that feel good.
  • Look for what is working, and give those things more attention than what is not working.
  • Identify what you want from any situation, and be confident that you will find your solution. There are literally hundreds of ways for you to experience your desired outcome.
  • Practice living in a state of trust that all is and will be very well for you.

This is not necessarily all about positive thinking. It is more about trusting YOU. 

How will you practice living in a state of trust now?


 You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:


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Pushing for Profits with a Capital P

IPushing For Profits With A Capital P admit it. I’ve had plenty of freak-out moments about money during my twenty-plus years as a coach. It doesn’t matter that I teach and breathe the ins and outs about the Law of Attraction, I still get ticked off when I can’t produce the results I want.

The real kicker is when I look back on how I was feeling before the profits dwindled. It’s always so obvious how I created my underwhelming results. I was Pushing for results. I was probably somewhat aware that I didn’t feel confident about nailing my results at the time, but didn’t take any time to course-correct how I was feeling.

I just kept pushing forward.

I watch the same process happen to the business owners I coach. By the time they have an acute awareness that they’re pushing for their profits, it’s almost too late. They’re already in a cash crisis, sicker than a dog (where did that phrase come from?), and frazzled.

You may be thinking that you don’t push for results. Maybe you call it something else, but I’d bet money that you do it. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t feel good when you’re doing it. And it always can be boiled down to one thing… disbelief.

You don’t believe you’re going to get your intended results or that they’ll happen in the perfect timing.

Just because you’re not focused on profits when you’re pushing doesn’t mean that you’re not doing it. It shows up in all sorts of funky ways.

Here are the telltale signs you’re pushing for profits:

  • You’re constantly searching for new marketing techniques.
  • When you implement a new strategy in your business and you don’t get results in the first 48 hours, you worry that it’s not working.
  • You say yes to clients and customers when your heart says no.
  • You keep working even though you’re tired, not inspired, or upset.
  • You won’t raise your prices even though you know you should.
  • You won’t hire someone to help you when it would truly take your business to the next level.
  • You feel like you should be doing more every day to grow your business.
  • You judge your success by how many things you checked off your to-do list.
  • You work very hard to say the right things when talking to potential customers or writing marketing copy.
  • You focus on getting money in the door quickly, but never really plan and implement strategies for long-term profit flow.
  • You implement one new strategy after another when you don’t get immediate results.
This pushing vibe can be kicked to the curb like the bad habit it is, very simply.However, it takes guts, balls, gusto… whatever you want to call it. It can even take a man’s man down to his knees when he’s trying to get off the adrenaline kick.

Here’s a simple solution that may prove challenging (or not, it’s your choice).

Rather than push toward the goal, push away from your desk or phone. Yep, put yourself on a time out until you identify what belief is driving the push. You don’t have to rid yourself of the belief in that moment; just identify and breathe. Breathe deep belly breaths while you imagine pulling your energy back into you. When you push for results, you’re randomly throwing your energy and focus all over the place (whether you are aware of it or not).

Ask yourself how you’d move forward on this project or task if you knew that you’d get the end result no matter what you did. When you feel centered, move forward.

That’s it. Your solution is to “push away from the push.”

You don’t have to rewire your thinking about profits all at once. That’s a day-to-day practice. Work with each “pushing” thought as it pops up.

I experience “the push” as a lot of mind chatter in the background of my head that I can’t even articulate. It’s like a radio station that’s full of static. A bit irritating but not enough to stop me from moving forward. I have to make a conscious decision to stop whatever I’m in the middle of and sit still. Sometimes I don’t want to stop. But I do.

If you commit to a month of stopping in the middle of your oh-so-important quest for cash and allow yourself to be more easy about it, I promise you’ll have brighter ideas, faster sales conversions, and happier customers… because you’ll be more attuned to what is truly in your best interest.
Where are you pushing?  What different, more positive action can you do instead to change your vibe?


 You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:


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Partnerships That Double Your Sales and Fun

“Build it and they will come.” Partnerships That Double Your Fun

What a crock! Total lie.

I built a lot of things in my business that didn’t result in customers running to buy, readers commenting on my blog, or even fans “liking” my Facebook page.

Everything is easier when you get help from other people.

How does a business owner get help in spreading the word about their message, especially if they’re new to the party?
The first time I asked someone to support my cause, I felt a bit awkward. But as I turned my attention to creating a relationship vs. just getting them to help me, everything changed. People bent over backward to support my mission.

When I launch a program, why would over 100 other entrepreneurs promote the heck out of me and offer huge bonuses to those who become my clients?

1. I offer something their tribe would benefit from learning.

2. Their tribe will appreciate them for sharing free tools and resources.

3. I offer commission to those who refer a sale.

4. I make the process fun by playing games and deepening our relationship.

5. I give back support to them by doing one or several of these:

a. introduce them to others who can promote them
b. promote them
c. share what’s worked for my promotions
d. give bonuses they can give to those who purchase their products and services
e. be a guest speaker as an added value to their program or product
Not all joint venture partnerships are based on promoting each other. I recently met a woman at an event, and within 60 seconds I knew we needed to partner somehow. I felt her knowledge would be of great value in one of my paid programs.

I asked her if she’d be a guest expert. She said, “YES!” Win-win-win!

It’s a win for me because I add value to my program, and clients think I’m a rock star. She gets exposure to my best clients who may later become her clients or refer her to clients.

My clients get to benefit from her expertise and make changes in their businesses as a result.

Partnering with other people leverages your time, expands your visibility, increases your sales, and makes a positive impact on all those involved.

Try it; you’ll like it!

(If you want to know exactly how to get awesome promotional partners [aka JV partners], download this FREE 5-step guide here).

 You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Five Practices to Increase Profits Without Stress

Five Practices to Increase Profits without StressWhen your main focus is on increasing profits and expanding the reach of your marketing, it’s incredibly easy to be taken down a dozen rabbit holes each day. There are so many marketing, leadership, and small business experts giving abundant strategies to grow your business that it creates an obstacle course of to-dos for the average entrepreneur.

If you’ll think less of implementing the 101 profit ideas you have and give more time to the following five simple practices, you’ll find that you’ll have less stress and more profits without trying.

Your mind will want to divert you, but don’t give in. Profitable businesses use some version of the following practices and have results to prove their power.

1.  Always begin each brainstorming session, networking conversation, or task knowing exactly what you want to get out of it. Never just show up and plunge into the task at hand without sitting down and giving conscious thought to your ideal outcome for each segment of your day.

2.  Tap into your Inner Business Expert several times each day. Most people save their spiritual connection and intuition for after-work hours or when there is a crisis. When you decide to partner with your inner guidance, your business genius will be at full power. You can access out-of-the-box solutions, create new products and services, and feel at peace no matter how chaotic things might appear.

3.  Ask yourself, “How can I make this more fun, easier, and increase profitability?” It’s amazing what can happen when you ask yourself a powerful inquiry. It’s even better when you use this question to make an already good thing the best ever! Go through all the main areas of your business at least once a month and use this inquiry. And don’t forget to connect with your Inner Business Expert before you answer.

4.  Use the talent and expertise of others. You may be brilliant at several things, but there are other people who can put a different spin on what you’re already doing and help you to change your entire marketplace. When pondering your newest offering or tweaking a system, ask colleagues how they might improve what you’re doing. It’s best to use this practice before things go haywire. Join masterminds and get coached by people who’ve mastered their area of expertise. Yes, you’ll have to ask questions that expose your weaknesses, but you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

5.  Stretch yourself. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing only what you need to get by. Challenge yourself every week to go beyond what’s normal for you. If you never give services and products away, do it. If you give everything away, stop… charge more. Use new technology to simplify the way you market or deliver your goods and services. Hire a coach that will cause you to think HUGE. Hire someone to help you market, file, or do customer care… before you think you can afford it! Commit yourself fully to a project that scares the pants off you (because YOU CAN handle it!).
I believe in you!
Which of the five practices above will you use first and why?



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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