Most entrepreneurs are praying for a windfall of new clients, because that would mean more money.

And more money would mean you could have more of the things that you want.

I’ve gotta be honest with you… you’ll have to stop buying into the “reasons” why it’s not gonna happen before anything will change.

Attracting a new client could happen for you in a snap if you expected to get a new client.

If it’s important enough, you’ll stop making excuses for why it’s hard.

I know life is busy, and it’s challenging to make changes. I know sometimes you don’t see how it’s possible to get around those obvious obstacles.

Still, there are no excuses.

I mean, if you want to keep buying into them, you can.

But nothing different will ever happen if you do.

You’ve got to carve out the headspace, quiet time, and focus to get yourself headed in the right direction.

It’ll only take a fraction of the time that you think. It won’t be half as painful as your experience of not having enough money or clients.

I say, do whatever you have to do to create some peace in your life.

A month ago, I found myself in a financial deficit I hadn’t experienced in almost 20 years.

At first, I wanted to whine about it. I wanted to blame it on a string of circumstances. I felt sad for myself.

I was scared. And even worse, I was chastising myself for letting it happen.

After the shock of the situation wore off, I told myself I had to do something drastically different and stop buying into my story about how awful it was.

That story was eating me alive.

I leaned into a new story: Everything is going to be fine.

I wasn’t trying to talk myself into the story. I was surrendering to it. I stopped fighting the situation.

I knew that my mindset had gotten me into the pickle, and my mindset was my ticket out.

I had to ignore financial deadlines. I had to stop being ass sore that PayPal was holding some of my money hostage because I’d received more than normal in one month. I had to stop feeling powerless.

I let go of all excuses and didn’t do a damn thing to make more money except live into the new story.

Everything turned around in just weeks.

If you keep buying into your story about how it’s hard to get that important thing you want or how it’s hard to build a business, how can life support you?

No matter what expertise you receive, or loving energy you’re given, you won’t receive new clients or money if you’ve already made up your mind that it’s hard.

C’mon! We all know how bad it feels to continue looking at your business from this perspective.

If you shift your perspective, even just a few minutes each day, you’ll begin to see time expand, you’ll take actions you’ve been resisting for eons, and you’ll be happier.

You’ll drop a load of pressure off your back.

You may have to forgive yourself and others. You’ll have to stop seeing yourself as a victim of some circumstance. And you’ll have to be focused on where you want to be versus where you are now.

But hey, isn’t that worth making time in your schedule? Just start out with a few minutes here and there to do the internal work.

I journal every day when I want to dump my excuses. I pop positive YouTube movies on while I flatiron my hair and go on my walks.

And instead of focusing on attracting just enough money to lift me out of my hole… I go much bigger.

I want to force myself into a new realm of thinking and receiving.

You can’t get rich on the same thinking that got you where you are now.

Bigger is always better because it forces you out of your head and into the spiritual realm. It forces you to bring your best self forward.

It forces you to dream a bigger dream… and have it.

So just start with a few minutes focused on your new story.

Then each day try making at least one decision based on your new story.

What if it was easier than you imagined?

No excuses. Take a small step today. You’re ready.

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Sondra L Ayers
WOW - This hit me hard, as I'm struggling financially right now. I can see that I'm buying into the negative story in my head. I will commit to spending time each day with a new story. I'll even journal a new story (that's huge as I haven't been a "journal-er") - perhaps, that is needs to be part of my new story! Thank you Jeanna!