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    For Customer Service please contact my Client Support Team:

    424-532-1695 | info at masterpeacecoaching.com

    JV Partners & Five Star Launch Partners please contact Jamie Goins, my JV Manager:

    jv at masterpeacecoaching.com

    For all other matters please contact Meagan Kanski, my Badass Manager:

    424-532-1695 | manager at masterpeacecoaching.com

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    I’m a full time mom who is known to do what she wants, when she wants. I may be out playing during office hours. On the other hand, I may answer the phone during off-hours. I also travel doing seminars and trainings. I will, however, return most calls and e-mails within 36 hours.


    I look forward to creating shift in your life! Make your day work for YOU!

    Jeanna ox

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    • I have achieved more financially than decades of working with other coaches. I have Tripled my income, have Friday's off, created multiple streams of passive income and have a very clear vision of my financial future. Jeanna showed me how to R-E-L-A-X into my business and bring in more FUN! Wohoo!!!

    • One of the smartest things I've ever done is work with Jeanna during the formation of my consulting practice. Because of her my business has grown exponentially. The amazing thing is that it’s grown at that rate (from a $30,000 solopreneur to a $1,500,000 consulting practice in 3 years) without requiring more effort AND supporting everything I’m up to in my life.

    • I used to only attract 3 people each time I launched a program. Jeanna drastically changed my business. I almost tripled my income last year! It’s such a gift, and relief, to finally be filling programs I'm proud of!

    • I've been very busy with all the manifestations I attracted working with Jeanna! I created a platinum program and it totally sold out (I even had to add more space!). I reached my goal of 6 figures in one month. Bonus: I have more peace of mind and personal power!

    • I used to think I was someone who did things to hold the world together but Jeanna showed me that I do things that CHANGE the world. My income increased 7 times when I went from a sales position to leadership positions and now I own my own business!