Have More Than Enough

It’s common to just make do with what you have. You may be suffering slightly, but other people are worse off than you, right? Why should you complain? But you do… internally.It feels.

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Money: Story Time

We all have stories we tell about money. If not aloud, then in our head. Most of the time they’re in the background of our thoughts and we don’t pay them much attention.

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Tough Conversations Turned Good

Have words escaped your lips that you later regretted or wished you had said differently?Have you felt you flubbed up a conversation with a potential client?Has somebody ever said something to you in.

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Take It to the Extreme

Have you ever observed someone’s behavior or listened to their words and thought, “They’re so extreme!”? Did you mean it in a positive or negative way?Being extreme works both ways. You can.

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Hoping Is Not a Solution

I’ve caught myself many times hoping something would turn out the way I wanted. When I catch myself hoping more than once, on a specific outcome, an alarm goes off in my head. The.

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Turn Up the Heat

Have you ever thought up a really cool invention, offer, or book title only to see a few months later that somebody else has already created it?What about your idea to travel to a.

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Reclaim Your Throne

Let me remind you that you are the ruler of your kingdom.You’re the king or queen of your life.You have the delightful freedom of choosing all that happens in your world. You.

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Focus on Prosperity

Why is it that when you need money the most, it seems the hardest to get your hands on it? The answer is because, most likely, you’ve got most of your attention on the.

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