Managing Meltdowns Magnificently

Everybody has meltdowns. Some do it and the whole world can see. Others do it more quietly. But the feeling is the same… it feels like too much emotional pressure happening all at once.My.

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Optimism Becomes You

“What is wrong with this picture?” I asked myself. Why were the people I was coaching not seeing how easy it would be for them to achieve their goals? I felt like I was dragging.

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Practice Takes Practice

Changing anything you do repetitively, including thinking certain thoughts, doesn’t happen overnight.It can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. But key is to play the long game… and keep practicing until.

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Follow the Impulse

It was nine o’clock in the evening, the night before we were leaving for a nine-day vacation. There was a lot to pack because of the logistics of the trip.My mate and.

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6 Nuances to Magnificent Manifesting

Before kids, I spent two fabulous weeks in Venezuela. My time spent there was not without challenge, but it was still a great time. I thought you’d all enjoy the sometimes comical ways the.

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A Simple Way to Stay Focused on Your Top Goals

Even though staying focused on your goals and outcomes seems like such an elementary topic, it’s an issue for most of my clients. It’s frustrating to clarify your goals, then a month later.

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Full Permision

“I’m so exhausted. I could really use a cup of coffee,” said Tim over the phone.“So, have one,” I said.“I gave it up almost a year ago.”“Why?”“I don’t know.

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A Reputation to Live Up To

Most of us complain about the people in our life. “Charlie never spends time just connecting with me.”“Sarah is overweight and won’t lose it.”“My kid never does what I ask.”“My employees.

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