I can’t function without routine. Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic. But I’m truly not operating at my best when I roll out of bed and just haphazardly take action.

A routine created to give you flow is a setup for peace and ultimately more success in your business.

I have different routines for different days of the week because of my office hours, my kids’ activities, and their school schedule. But in general, workdays look like this:

Feed kids
Make coffee
Drive Chance to school
Go for a walk
Use my Speed Dial the Universe Journal
Check email
Coach clients
Take several 90-second breaks to be present in the moment (no particular focus)
Spend 1–2 hours on projects for business
Do a journal prompt that leads to expansion
Lift weights
Help with kids’ homework
Chill time

My routine keeps me sane, organized, and provides peace, so I can live more joyfully. 

Do I go off my routine? Of course. But when I do, I don’t beat myself up over it. I do the best I can in the time I have.

Is there room for spontaneity in a routine? Hell, YES!

But a routine should provide you with a solid base so you have the bandwidth for more fun, free time, and thinking bigger.

When does a routine NOT serve you? 

When you hold on too tightly.

When it’s not designed specifically for balance or peace. Most people design their routine for more productivity. But I believe a routine that gives you peace allows you to be at your most productive.

It allows you to get more done in less time.

Make sure that your current daily routine isn’t by default… something you just fell into. 

Your routine may feel comfortable because it’s what you’ve done for so long, but ask yourself if it’s preparing you to meet deadlines in a peaceful manner? Does it leave you feeling rested? Does it support you to increase your income? Does it help you feel more joy?

A routine that keeps you small means it doesn’t actually move you into your power. Your routine needs to serve you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Ask yourself:

Am I setting myself up for enough rest?
Do I make my physical health a priority?
Am I eating at a time that feels relaxing? Do I like what I eat?
Is there time for me to explore my big dreams? 
Is there time for me to take action toward my dreams?
Do I have balance in my business and personal life?
Is there time for me to work on the business in an inspiring way?
Do I have time for fun each day?
Do I feel rushed or do I flow from one thing to the next easily?

A routine can either make or break your business. Your routine either feeds your income or steals energy from it—which in turn impacts your well-being.

If you knew that having a great routine was the key to your wealth, would you change anything about it?

My most successful clients have supportive routines. My clients who struggle the most are reactive to the people and circumstances of their life instead of feeling in charge of their day-to-day existence.

You can’t let life drag you around. Your world needs to revolve around you by design.

As life changes, your routine needs to shift to your “right now” needs and desires. You must create a flow to your day if you wish to be happy.

The more flow, the less stress. The more flow, the more you manifest great things with less effort.

Routine can sound routine… but when designed for flow it’ll allow for miracles to come through because you’ve created the head space to receive inner guidance.

And your inner guidance always leads you to the best version of everything you want.

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