This interview could be the start of eliminating habits that keep you from wealth. And oh boy does this get juicy!

I interviewed my most trusted resource on all things investing and wealth… Todd Tresidder. I’ve known him for over two decades, and he’s the most consistent “walk-the-talk” expert I know in any field.

He has that rare blend of strategic expertise while knowing that the path to wealth is rooted in mindset.

After selling his hedge fund business and retiring at age 35, the self-made millionaire has been coaching people to wealth since 1999.

Jeanna: What is your clients’ most common fear, the one they may not even be aware of?

Todd: Self-esteem, although it’s not fear that’s keeping them from wealth. It’s their habits.

Everybody wants wealth, and most don’t have it. If you practice habits to create wealth, you’ll get wealth. If you’re practicing things that don’t lead to wealth, then guess what?

Most clients have their fears come up after they get into the process of wealth creation. As fears come up, we deal with them.

I get clients into action immediately. I want people to stop those thoughts that keep them looping… going over the same thoughts, over and over.

A great question to ask yourself is, “What’s the story that I keep playing out in my financial life?”
People complain, “I have all these self-esteem issues I have to deal with. That’s why I’m broke.”

I suggest getting into action… because you can still get results with self-esteem issues.

All these other thoughts expend your energy. But before you take action, you have to get a fundamental plan. And most people don’t even know what works.

There are lots of simple cures out there… two-second sound bite solutions. If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it. And they’re not.

If you want to get from zero to wealth this year, you have to have already been setting the base of your foundation.

The 8th wonder of the world is compounding returns.
It’s the same with your business and investment knowledge. You’re compounding your financial intelligence.

Sometimes it may feel like you’re not building fast enough. But pretty soon, after a few years, it grows big.

It takes patience and persistence. It’s the same with your business. Learn the ropes and get the systems in place.

Jeanna: What creates the most resistance for people on their path to wealth?

Todd: Resistance is different for everyone.

The path of wealth is really about personal growth. It’s about who you become versus how much money you make.

You won’t get to a million dollars if you don’t change and develop new skills and habits along the path.

Some people love that and some people resist it. Some people resist the integrity component.

It’s very hard to look in the mirror. You have to get honest about what you’re doing with your time and how you act. That’s why having a coach is so important. It’s an unraveling process.

Sometimes it’s painful for people to look at their truth. If you’re not committed to wealth, it isn’t going to happen. But that’s okay!

If wealth isn’t a priority, get real about it. Be okay with it and be happy. It shouldn’t take discipline; you either want it or you don’t.
If you resist it, then you’re not clear with your commitment. Commitment means building habits and focusing on wealth. Then you must design your life around wealth. Create support systems.

It’s about a three-month process to create a plan with sound principles that are going to work. All of my clients have different plans based on their skills and abilities, but they’re using the same principles.

Your old life will try to pull you backward. The old habits, the old support systems. If you violate any one of these three steps, you will not succeed.

You have to build a plan that works with your interests. You could be totally committed, but if your plan isn’t based on sound principles, it won’t work.

Jeanna: I watch many of my clients feel overwhelm, shame, and guilt over their current debt. What is a healthy perspective about debt?

Todd: Balance. The answer will be different for each person. You’ll never get wealthy by playing defensive. If you focus on paying off debt, you will not become wealthy; it’s defensive.

For some people, debt is such an energy drain that it paralyzes them. Debt is like clutter that drains energy. Once they put a plan in place about paying it down in x amount of time, they’ll feel more at ease.

They may even be excited about the plan. Then you can focus on your ideas for building wealth. Every habit you have that created the debt is the mirror image of wealth.

The exact opposite habits will create wealth.

If you’re on track, you’ll get higher highs and lower lows. If you can’t accept this as part of the process, then you won’t make it far.

Jeanna: Is there one practice that people can begin to implement that would start their momentum toward wealth?

Todd: I would resist that question. This question is a myth. The implied assumption is that there is a quick fix. There’s not a secret to discover. There is not one answer. We need to look in our life at what is taking us away from wealth.

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I receive no commissions on this. I just trust him like no other on this topic, and his information is like getting a PhD in wealth.

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