Your Most Precious Treasure

By Bridget Engel & Jeanna Gabellini

Within all of us are the desires to be happy, joyful, abundant, experience harmonious relationships, feel on purpose and live a meaningful life. So, how do you get there without blood, sweat and tears?

We are all spiritually connected, and when you learn how to connect to and follow our Divine Guidance you will have no need to forcefully use your will power, struggle, and effor to change your life for the better. All struggle, health issues, and miscreation come from fear-based thinking.

Transforming your life is truly simple and you already have the solution within you. You must connect to and follow your Divine Guidance, your own personal road map, to create the life of your dreams.

Don't be fooled by life upsets, disappointments and setbacks that have you thinking that you will have anything less than the fulfillment of your dreams and a grand life. Being stuck is an option.  Really!  Stop saying your stuck, PLEASE!

Of course, it can be challenging to remember or believe you have Divine Guidance at your fingertips during these times. But don’t despair. You were born with this innate ability to always be divinely tapped into your guidance. It's true.

The best tool to ensure that you get right back on track and get what you want faster is to listen to your own Divine Guidance. This powerful and free resource is always available 24/7, to provide you with the perfect answers and solutions.

To access and strengthen your Divine Guidance more consistently, commit to practicing these four keys:

  1. Deliberately take time to connect. Set your intention to connect, and find the best way that works for you. It may be through meditation, a quiet walk, or creating a certain time each day.
  2. Ask empowering questions. This helps you focus on what you want and trains your mind to be selective. You have to have a powerful question to receive a powerful answer.
  3. Trust the information.  What good is guidance if you don’t listen or use it?
  4. Take action. Your guidance will always put your feet on the right path.  But you will have to be the one to put one foot in front of the other.

Each of us has an Inner Magician ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat for us at a moments notice.  Plug into this power source and unleash yours.

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