I always thought it would be cool to have the superpower to look into a crystal ball and see my future. But growing up, I was taught that there was no such thing as a crystal ball. Now I believe there is a way to see into my future.

Anything I can see in my imagination can become my reality: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good news is that I can change my mental picture faster than I can change my underwear!

If I want a brighter future, I can inject color into the vision I see. If I want more profits in my business, I can focus my mind on the vision of me being the queen of my niche.

Sure, I have to do a bit more than just conjuring up a vision in my head. I actually have to believe what I see in my inner crystal ball. I have to trust the nudges and ideas my inner guidance hands over to me so generously.

But wait, there’s another way to see into your future. Look outside of your head and into your world. You have created everything around you.

Some of it is amazingly wonderful and some of it may stink. This shows you what may lie ahead if you don’t change your thoughts, habits, and actions. I’m not trying to scare you; it’s simply the truth.

If I look into my world and notice that it’s a challenge to pay my bills every month, I’ll inevitably have more of the same forthcoming if I don’t rewrite my future. I have to use the mirror of my life to make new decisions. I have to use the information of my past and current reality so that I can powerfully move forward, being intentional about my outcome.

Don’t get mad when you notice something going downhill or not course-correcting. Get inspired. Make a change. Make several changes if needed. But they must come from your confident self, not the you who fears the worst or feels exerting force is the only answer.

See yourself getting in the win zone and you’ll know what the changes are that need to be made. More than likely some will be the inner work that deals with your emotions and beliefs.

The other changes will be made to your daily habits, conversations, and actions. Deal with the inner before dealing with the outer or you’ll have another mess in your crystal ball to clean up.

You have all the power within you to create a future you love. The magic lies within your decision to focus on a future you desire—the 5-star version with endless epic endings. The love, great health, mounds of money, and ease. Lots of ease.

You never need a fortune teller… you are the one who sees your future.

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