Your Body is Talking to You

Have you really heard the feedback your body is giving you?

Your body is always giving you feedback. If you are in perfect health and your weight is ideal, then your body's feedback is that your lifestyle is pleasing to you. You also have beliefs that it's easy to have perfect health and you are worthy of attracting great things in your life. You probably never have headaches or back pain, either.

If you experience unpleasant symptoms as a result of a health condition, have aches and pains, weigh more or less than you desire, have a lack of energy and notice that your body is aging, then your body is giving you feedback. It's letting you know that something is not aligned. There is stress somewhere in your life that you are not correcting. Or you may believe that weight gain or declining health is just the way it is for you.

If your health is not totally ideal, are you willing to be, think and act differently? Are you truly willing to allow your life and health to be harmonic and prosperous?

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El Baugher
Great post! And so very true!! I always knew these things on an intellectual level, but I've only recently harnessed the power of the Universe to balance my health and weight. I'm a success story! As of today, I've lost 7 pounds in the last 6 days. All using ONLY the power of intention. I'm glad I found your site and you'll be seeing me again!