My business seems to make major leaps in growth whenever I get fed up with long lulls of the same ole, same ole.

Growth spurt #1…

After my first couple of years coaching, I plateaued at $60k a year. It was covering my bills, but I was working A LOT. Coaching clients and teleclasses were scheduled back to back, and I was overwhelmed.

Either I needed to do something drastically different or die of anxiety.

I got a coach to help me release all that “pushing” energy to get more clients and get more things done. I began to relax and allow. I followed my inspiration. I stopped striving. I doubled my income and hit six figures for the first time in my life.

It was astonishingly easy after fighting so hard to stay at $60k!

Growth spurt #2…

After consistently making good money, personal issues took over my life and my business came to a screeching halt. My debt soared and I panicked. Again, I found myself striving. This time I was hunting for a solution and none came.

Round two of releasing. I stopped looking for a solution and began to appreciate my three precious clients. I focused on projects that felt empowering rather than searching for the money.

I shot back up to six figures, paid off my debt, and tapped back into my power again.

Growth spurt #3…

Every year my income increased, but I wasn’t feeling like my business was growing in proportion to my efforts and desire. I decided to get outside of my box (for the fun of it!) and launch a new program with the help of promotional partners.

My sole focus was fun, releasing my fears, and planning for a six-figure launch. I got my goal, and new business streamed in from multiple sources.

I had no idea that doing a big launch would be so life changing. My confidence grew and my creativity exploded.

A major growth spurt can happen to you, too. They can happen on demand.

A potential client asked me this today:
“I know you have lots of clients with success stories. But I’m sure not everyone is successful. Why do you think some people don’t succeed?”

I replied, “They weren’t all in. They didn’t ask for the help they needed.

Sometimes people decide they’re not going to be successful when they don’t get instant results. You have to play the long game.”

Before you even begin, you have to clarify your definition of success.

What do you see as the epic ending to your goal? What’s the best you can imagine?

Write that shizz down. Live into it.

Make a decision that you’ll address your fears, areas of weakness, and any knowledge gaps along the way.

Take on the process of being successful as an adventure, a journey into yourself and the world of business as you want to create it.

Trusting your decisions, making fun your #1 priority, and getting support have proven to be the keys to prosperity and success. The possibilities for your success and joy await. Now is always a great day to decide to claim them.


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