Why You Can’t Go Wrong in 2016


For several years I’ve worked with an extraordinary coach to help me create systems so that I could have more free time. What I didn’t know was that so much of the overwhelm in my life was just a state of mind.

I’ve asked that very coach, the outrageously talented and wise Julie Gray, to share her wisdom on making 2016 more peaceful and productive. You may be surprised by what she says.


Why You Can’t Go Wrong in 2016

By Julie Gray

Here’s the truth: You can’t actually get 2016 wrong.

We love to think there is one “right” path for us to take.

We love this idea so much we spend much of our time and energy trying to find this path or hold on to this path or kick ourselves for falling off this path.

Which is really funny when you think about it because you made up this path in the first place. You also made up how right or wrong your path is for you.

It is so easy to forget that you are the only one who determines what is right or wrong. This label can only ever come through your own thinking-which means you always have a choice in what you believe.

Even if everyone you know offers the same opinion-how you think about a situation determines your experience of it. Always.

What Does This Mean for Planning the Year Ahead?

If it is only up to you to decide what is right, wrong, or neutral-then why bother setting goals? Why bother planning ahead? What’s the point?

My current theory is this: because we’re here to play. To show up and live. To grow and learn and love and experience the fullness of life. Each of us is doing this in our own way all the time.

Which is why I still love to make a goal list at the beginning of each year and encourage others to do the same if it feels good to them.

I love getting excited and motivated by a fresh new start. I love to refocus my intentions and commit to a plan.

But looking ahead is most helpful when I remember that

  • These goals are arbitrary. Created by me. Their importance is determined by me (and my current state of mind).
  • I have no idea what is possible. Ever. Goals can be just as limiting as they are liberating if we grip them too tightly.
  • Goal-setting isn’t permission to force life in a certain direction nor does it offer a reason to be disappointed with yourself (or the world) when you can’t.
  • It isn’t all up to me. There are benevolent forces at work that support me always.
  • I am okay-regardless of how life unfolds.

This is why I can say with confidence that you can’t go wrong in 2016 if you so choose. So tell me-what is possible for you this year? How are you going to play?

Wishing you a year full of love and the understanding that you are always on the right path.

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