Imagine inviting several guests over for a lavish dinner party. You’ve been planning it for weeks. The menu, shopping, selecting wines, table settings and after dinner games are in place. Everything is ready but your guests haven’t arrived.

Hmm… the invitation said to arrive promptly at 6:30pm. It’s now 7:30pm and the appetizers have lost their heat and the main dish is about to be pulled out of the oven. This tardiness is throwing things off and your joyful mood is turning to irritation.

The guests all eventually arrive, each with their own story of why they are late. You eventually get over your frustration, re-heat the food and all is well. A good time is had by all.

But it doesn’t quite flow this same way when the money you’ve planned for is more than a week late in its manifestation. It can feel very hard to recover and get back in that party mode.

When your finances are going south, go ahead and react. Have your freak out moment if necessary… then pull yourself together. You’re the only one who can turn it around and it’s going to take you coming back into your body and remembering who the hell you are. A badass.

If you’re one of those people who gets paralyzed by fear when your income is lower than expected and needed, look at the facts. What’s the worst that can happen? Could you recover from that? I’d bet that you most certainly can recover from any financial disaster and… there are many success stories out there to prove it.

Next, if you haven’t already looked at your current balance sheet, do so now. I know it can be painful and scary to face reality. But facts are facts. How can you know what needs to happen if you don’t know where you’re at?! (You may even be surprised that you are better off than you’d thought.)

Empower yourself. Knowing facts, not perceptions, are empowering. There is no unknown. If you need more facts, go find them. If you’re an emergency financial situation or not, the more knowledge you have, the better. Then you can get cracking on sourcing solutions.

There is a perfect solution out there for every single person and your job is to find yours.

Now ask yourself a very important question: How can I make this a game? The root of this question is to make the process lighter and more fun.

You could…

  • Make it a game to guess all the crazy ways the money will arrive.
  • Appreciate all the abundant things in your life every time you worry about moola.
  • Take one bold action a day to call in prosperity.
  • Get a prosperity buddy to amp each other up every day.

Believe it or not, being able to talk to someone frankly about your situation can lift some of the negative energy you’re holding on to. There is nothing to be ashamed of here, only solutions to be found. Many of which are right under your nose.

I like to blend my solutions. I choose something easy to do that will create immediate financial relief. Then I make at least one long-term change. A change is usually about changing a habit.

If a habit is working well, like investing every month into retirement and emergency funds, I may increase that amount. If it is empowering, it’s the right choice. If I’m over spending on something that is not aligned with my big goals, I may cut back on it for a while.

What will you do to feel more empowered with money from this point forward?

Psst… working harder is not really a progressive answer. If what you’re doing is already not working, why would doing more of it yield you better results? A blend of action and changing your mindset will be your best bet.

Anything that you can put in place that will have you feeling, thinking and acting like you envision a prosperous person would is a great choice. When unexpected expenses come up do you want to wallow in “poor me” conversations or get busy being a money magnet?

Being a prosperous person is a bit complex to embrace at first. It’s not a quick fix.

Continuously practicing new habits while letting go of sabotaging ones will be key.

Claim prosperity. And continue claiming it. It’s a process, not a destination.

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