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Sometimes it’s good to stay put and not make major changes in your business. A busy schedule, a crazy relationship, high stress, or a new pet or child in the family may be all that you can handle at the moment.

Focusing on one highly challenging situation at a time will prevent extreme overwhelm and physical illness from adding to your stress.

But what about when you know in your heart of hearts it’s time for change and you’re met with voices in your head shouting all the reasons you need to settle for what you currently have?

Any change you make in your business should be done at a time when you can get your head and heart behind it. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, have waited much, much too long before making important decisions in their business, and it’s cost us dearly.

For instance, maybe you’ve got too many tasks on your plate. You wish you could delegate some of the tasks, but you don’t trust your team to do it right or you’re scared to shell out the money. You know you can cram in a few extra hours of work this week and it’ll all get done. But then you create a pattern of overworking yourself to get it all done.

Or another example is a computer, employee, or system that can get the bare minimum done and nothing more. I used to work with an assistant who did what I asked and no more. He never came up with new ideas. He never thought about how each task impacted the rest of the project. The bottom line was that he was good at what I asked but not good enough to have me bragging about his work.

One day I asked myself, “Is this the kind of assistant who will take me to a seven-figure business?” I already knew the answer before I asked. My heart had known for almost the entire time he worked for me that he was nowhere near ideal. He excelled in many areas, but the ones that he lagged in caused my energy to plummet.

The only decisions I’m ever disappointed about are the ones I didn’t make sooner. I ask myself, “Why did I tolerate that for so long?”


I feared hurting someone.
I feared change.
I feared the switch to new technology or employees would cause major upheaval.
I feared the extra expense for upgrading a system, coach, or contractor.

Sometimes my fears came true but nowhere near what I’d anticipated.

And so what if the change came with a little turbulence?! Not making the change was creating more havoc and getting me nowhere fast.

But in the end, not settling for good enough and deciding to up my game always brought me immense peace, more profits, and more efficiency.

Value your business and life enough to choose to experience better than good. Great, magical, and amazing is what you want to feel about all aspects of your biz. When you think it’s doable, it will be.

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