Have you ever tolerated pain in an area of your business or life for way too long?

It’s easy to tolerate levels of success, wealth, or love that are barely okay, rather than exceptionally fulfilling.

Upgrading your life isn’t just about the big stuff.

Small things you tolerate, such as a broken appliance in your home, are just as important to handle as some of the bigger things. We usually have many small tolerations around, and they add up to a big impact.

Withholding your truth from someone important to you is also a toleration. Any messes that are created in your life that you aren’t complete with will have a negative impact on you.

Thought patterns that make you feel stressed are tolerations. These ARE the most painful things you hang on to. It’s the greatest sabotage technique.

If you take an action you know isn’t in your best interest, then you’re tolerating self-sabotage.

When you lie and feel guilt or have guilt about anything, you’re tolerating one of the lowest vibrating emotions that exists. Guilt does not serve you in any way. Learn from events and move on.

You ignore the pain or “okayness” of the situation… but it will continue to grow.

Maybe you want to make changes but don’t know what to do… so you just continue on in the same old way.

There are other ways to deal with the stuff you tolerate, such as…

  • “Wishing” it would go away.
  • Putting solutions into place but not changing your attitude.
  • Blaming other people and wanting them to change.

Why would anyone tolerate anything less than desirable results?

There are only two reasons:

You don’t believe you can have what you want…

… or you believe that you can have what you want, but you think some suffering will accompany it.

Suffering emotionally, physically, or monetarily doesn’t need to be part of the solution.

Sure, change can be challenging. But in the process of up-leveling, who you are will also be up-leveled.

You might need support and new resources to get you through the bigger changes, but it can be an expansive process.

Some of the big tolerations I see clients having a hard time letting go of are a job, offers, clients, or a personal relationship that doesn’t bring them joy.

They’re afraid that they’ll end up with less or something worse than what they have now…

… so they buy into the bunk that they might as well stay with what they know. <- Yikes!

How can you have something better if you don’t make yourself available to receive it?

Upgrading doesn’t have to include drama. If you don’t buy into the drama, there won’t be any for you.

You can let go of anything that doesn’t work for you in a peaceful way.

It’s important to stay focused on what you’ll gain from making changes instead of what you might be losing.

And in case you forget (as I often do!), it’s not your job to make other people feel okay. You’ll do much more good for them when you’re in a grounded state of mind, making your life great.

You know what the worst part of upgrading your business or life is?

That period of time leading up to making a choice to actually handle the toleration.

Once you get into action, you feel empowered. You’ll feel confidence and energy pulsing through your veins.


If I haven’t sold you on clearing out anything you are tolerating, let me spell out the benefits.


Open to receiving something better.

Space in your brain and heart to focus on something that you are passionate about

If you feel good, you are more aligned with receiving prosperity. (Heck, you handle tolerations for this reason alone!)

Get to it and get rid of all those stressors. You’re up to it. Handle them one by one. Get support if you need it. Create accountability with someone. If you have to take baby steps to get through, so be it.

Think enough of yourself to treat yourself with absolute respect, kindness, and abundance.

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