What if there was a way for you to get out of a funky mood in less than five minutes?

And what if that way was a game that you always win?

And what if when you were done, possibilities, ideas, and joy were delivered immediately?

Guess what? I’ve got the game for you.

It’s called the What if UP game. You just begin with “What if…” and then finish it off with a cool and uplifting ending. Your answers don’t have to be based on logic. The more outrageous you get, the better.

I’m going to do a What if UP game just for you! Here it is…

What if your whole day delivered one magical moment after another?

What if you received a very personal surprise gift from someone you adore?

What if today felt like a vacation, even if you have a busy day planned?

What if you connected with your heart and higher self in such a profound way that all stress melted away?

And what if from that stress melting away you allowed creativity to take over your mind?

And what if that creativity led to a really, really, really fun idea to double your income?

And what if some of your favorite people joined in on this idea and expanded it tenfold?

What if you made friends with money and were able to help others do the same?

What if you made friends with your body and major transformation occurred?

What if you allowed all that fabulous energy and talent that is within you to shine out in a way that thrilled you?

And what if every day felt like play?

What if you trusted that if you ask for something, it will be given? What would you ask for? What if it showed up today?

What if forever more you totally relaxed because you knew you were a powerful creator?

What if you began manifesting everything you want with little effort?

What if everywhere you turned there was someone smiling at you and offering the perfect thing you needed when you needed it?

What if you never tried hard again and you just allowed all the good stuff in?

How are you feeling? I’m doing pretty good. I’m smiling at YOU right now and sending you all beautiful blessings for a beautiful day. You deserve to love yourself and live it up today.

Play this game on a specific topic of your choice and see what happens. Expect to move up the vibrational scale to manifest evidence that you are well on your way to the desire.

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