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What are the top three most important things you want in your business or life right now?

Before reading on, write down those three important things.

When you think of the first desire you wrote down, what do you expect will happen on the way to making it real? You want to think about not only what you think the outcome will be, but what do you expect will happen on the journey to the end result?

Do you expect it’ll be easy, hard, long, short, happy, stressful, etc.?

Now, do the same process for the other two desires you wrote down, and see what you expect.

Whatever you expect is why you’re currently getting what you are getting. It’s that simple. So, if you don’t like what you’re getting, you must change your expectations.

I have a friend who we call the “Upgrade Queen.” She expects to be upgraded in all her travel plans. She once wrote me the following…

“Jeff & I decided to get a room at SFO last night for convenience, and an early kickoff of our anniversary. When we went to check into the room at the Crowne Plaza, I was told that I had goofed and booked a room for 6/28 (not 6/27). I realized this happened because at the same time I was making the hotel reservation, I was also making a reservation for a restaurant for 6/28, and intending to the Universe that we would receive a special table. Blushing and laughing, knowing that I screwed up on the dates, we asked to cancel our reservation for 6/28 and move it to that night. The guy behind the counter said, ‘That would be easy, but we’re completely sold out.’

“I just laughed harder, telling Jeff I was so sorry for the funny mistake and we’re okay, we’ll just go back home on the train. The guy behind the counter said to hang on, he would see if there was something he could do for us—we thought he was going to call another property. He handed us a room key and told us to enjoy, and we profusely thanked him for the room. We ran up to the room on the 29th floor (30th floor is penthouse) and walked down the hall with room key in hand to drop our bags. We turned a corner, and… and… and… Jeff thought I was joking until I put my key in the door and it worked; it was the Presidential Suite at the Crowne Plaza!

“No kidding… three bathrooms, an indoor sauna, an indoor jacuzzi, a massive dining room table, a desk with all these countries’ flags on it, a huge bedroom with a four-poster bed, and every amenity you could imagine, including a fully stocked kitchen. We dashed down to the desk and thanked the reservation desk clerk and he had a broad smile on his face telling us: Happy Anniversary!

“This was the best upgrade ever, and tonight—well, who knows what table we’ll be assigned at the restaurant now that we manifested this room upgrade already.”

I did laugh when I read this because I expected these stories from her. She expects upgrades and gets them all the time, mostly without even asking.

A powerful and easy way to change your entire life and the way you feel is simply to start noticing what you expect to experience in life.

If you expect things to be a hassle, you go into them with nasty energy that creates hassle after hassle, and you’re grumpy the whole time.

If something starts out easy but then you hit a glitch, how do you react?

Here are some areas you can upgrade your expectations…

Expect people to get along well with you.

Expect people to be generous.

Expect to attract more than enough money for whatever you need and want.

Expect your body to heal quickly and be better than before.

Expect that you’ll make the right and perfect choices for yourself.

Expect that your mate has your best interest at heart.

Expect 5-star service and good food when you go out.

Expect the event will go off perfectly.

Expect people to call you back and say yes to your request.

Expect to have fun.

Expect the journey will be a fulfilling adventure.

Expect to feel at peace.

Expect to feel love.

Expect a sold-out program, product, or event.

Expect to always have a waitlist of clients.

Expect more abundance and prosperity as a result of reading this and anything you do with me.

I expect you will be smiling when reading this and begin experiencing more good stuff. As always, this is a practice. Practice expecting great things, and it will become so. You rock!

What do you expect to happen today?

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And a raised expectation is an upgrade in itself! Great win-win. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas.
Great reminder that we get what we expect!