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It seems as though everybody is fighting for something. We have the fight against cancer, war, Covid, hunger, racism… and so much more.

City halls are always pushing against new construction in their town. There are a million and one jokes tearing down anyone in politics.

A lot of finger pointing is going on all around the globe.

My girlfriend, who is a birth educator, shared with me the two schools of thought on bottle feeding newborns. She told me she was going to tell me her thoughts and that, of course, her thoughts were the right ones. We laughed, but isn’t that what we all believe when we are giving our advice?

“I’m right. If you do it another way, there will be trouble.”

When we push for something or against something, we are essentially in fear about not having things go the way we see it. Now, I’m not talking about folks who are passionate about doing great things for great causes.

What I am pointing toward is when we push for something because we fear if we don’t, something bad will happen. It shows up, for example, in something as simple as buying something off (or anything you purchase). You ask for a discounted price on what the seller is asking because you’re afraid you’ll be getting ripped off if you don’t.

I found myself having an a-ha moment about my own fight when I had my first son. We were talking to the staff at the hospital about our newborn. They shoved a piece of paper into my mate’s hands about a hepatitis-B vaccine.

They told us all of the awful things that this vaccine could prevent. My mate went for it. I, on the other hand, was against vaccination. As a teacher of Law of Attraction, I know that my son’s health is nothing we have to “guard” against. Ah, but did I really believe that?

I discovered that as my mate pushed for getting all the available vaccinations, I was standing my ground about no vaccinations. Who was right?

This issue had no right or wrong, only what felt best. He was pushing for the shots because he feared that something bad might happen without them. Vaccinations helped soothe him about our son’s safety. I felt they were unnecessary but also had a fear in the back of my head about bad things happening to some children because of the shots. I busted myself!

I realized that I had to trust my son was fine no matter which road we chose. Only then could I stop pushing and hold solidly to the intention of perfect health for him, even if he got some vaccinations.

Is there something you’ve been fighting for?

Do you have apprehensions about not getting your way on some topic?

Maybe a salary raise or raising your fees?

How about an issue that you and your mate (or former mate) do not agree on?

Have you been pushing against other team members?

Sometimes you may fight for a deadline to be met. What’s the worst that could happen with a missed deadline?

The road is long and hard when you push or fight your way to a desired outcome.

The easy way to get more of what you want is to question and acknowledge the beliefs or thoughts behind your fight and let them go.

Only then will you find freedom.

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