U.S. President Harry S. Truman had a sign with the inscription “The Buck Stops Here” on his desk. This was meant to indicate that he didn’t “pass the buck” to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed.

If you want more money, the buck stops with you… as you’re the only one who can do anything to turn up your financial flow.

Step 1: Connect to money like you’re dear friends.

When you think about how you can’t afford things you desire, fear of debt, or how your income isn’t pouring in… you’ll have a tendency to think you’re never going to create the wealth you desire.

But if you knew money was on your side instead of something you had to hunt down, you’d respond to your situation different, right?

In my book Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, I write about my wealth crisis.

My income had dipped to less than half of what it was in previous years, I had more debt than ever, and I was feeling verrrry sorry for myself.

And so stressed I’d sometimes burst into tears over the situation.

It was the first time since my early twenties I’d contemplated getting a job to supplement my income.

I was in dire straits for over a year. The worse it got, the worse it got.

I was buying groceries on my maxed-out credit cards.

But the problem wasn’t lack of money. It was lack of focus.

I was reacting to my lack of money with fear and stress. Not only did those emotions cut me off from attracting new income, but my creative juices had dried up.

I was completely consumed by the reality I had created. Seeing myself as broke made me think like a broke person.

I began relating to money like a codependent person. My whole attitude was like… “Money, will you please like me if I do everything right?”

My situation turned around the minute I decided to do something that made me feel in charge.

Step 2: Take back your power.

Money isn’t better than you. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get it to come to you.

Money is on your side. You’re the one in charge.

Taking back my power came in the form of a decision.

I decided to pay off my debt.

I had NO IDEA how the heck I was going to do that…

… but that one decision changed my life.

Step 3: Lock on to your future vision… and play the long game.

It’s really hard to be empowered if you continue to look at what’s wrong with your finances and business… especially if you don’t see a way out.

Here’s what I did:

I focused on how good it would feel to see my debt shrinking. I imagined myself working with happy clients who saw the value in what I delivered.

I began to think and act like someone who had more than enough money.

I took small steps to empower myself each day.

I knew this financial comeback could take a while, so I didn’t get frustrated when money didn’t flood in right away.

I stayed the course, and within 30 days I felt a little relief.

I didn’t view my situation wrong… I just saw it as temporary and that soon I’d be financially free.

Compassion. Empowerment. Baby steps. This was my long game.

It took only nine months to pay off the debt and return my income to its previous glory.

I know it’s overwhelming to feel like you need to make more or that you should be making more based on all you’ve put into your business.

But putting pressure on yourself actually slows down your progress.

I hired a coach during my time of despair even though it created more debt at the time. I knew I needed help to stay focused on what I wanted and not on how terrible I was.

One of the best investments I ever made.

Wealth creation is literally a practice.

It’s not something to do only when you’re in trouble.

New thoughts and habits are what pave the way to happiness, success, and wealth.

Get support from a human who won’t let you buy into your pity party.

Remember who you are and the gifts you bring to the world.

Making more money starts with one decision. And then micro-decisions that support your future vision.

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