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In the spirit of Christmas, Rob Goyette asked me how he could make my life easier. I told him the truth, “I’d LOVE for you to write an article for my ezine with some juicy launch tips.” Rob was my sidekick marketing genius for my first six-figure launch this year. I consider his advice a gift to my business and I know you’ll think the same! Marketing Is A Four-Letter Word Holy Cow - have you noticed that some people are able to easily generate 6 or 7 figures in their business? How do they do that? Funny enough, it really boils down to just 2 things - and you can master both of them. I've worked with and advised many of the top earners in the coaching industry to help them solve their marketing and technology challenges and grow their businesses to record sizes. I've been behind the scenes of several 6 and 7 figure launches as well as some friendly 5 figure internal promotions. I've seen clients grow their lists to ten thousand, twenty thousand, even as high as fifty thousand. But how the heck do these business leaders generate such big results? It all comes down to the 2 M's - Math and Mindset. You can think of it as left brain and right brain - or strategy and confidence. But I like the double M, and I'd love to explain further how you can get big results in your business by mastering each. Let's start with my favorite - Math. I love math, at least simple math. It's fun to get out a pen, paper and calculator and start jotting down scenarios. Did you know that you could have a 7 figure - one million dollar - business by just selling 500 copies of a $2K product? Wow! Or how about just 200 copies of a $500 product for a 6 figure biz? Heck, I've worked with people that have generated that much in a week! How? Well the first part is knowing what you're going to sell and how many copies. You've gotta figure out who's going to buy - meaning how you will get in front of those people. But really, the big piece of the puzzle is knowing your 2 numbers: price and quantity. Once you know these, you can start making plans to sell that number of products and programs. This is exactly what we do when planning a launch that's going to bring in 6 or 7 figures. So far so good? Maybe take a minute right now and just jot down how many copies of your product, program, or even service you'd like to sell - and the price. Now let's move onto the second M - mindset. Mindset is believing you can do this and deserve the level of success that your math suggested. The people I've seen break records in their businesses year after year know they're going to do it, feel great about it, and give off a confident vibe that their stuff is great, people will love it, and people will buy it. Getting your Inner Game handled will not only help you take the actions you need to take (instead of procrastinating) but your partners and customers and clients will sense that you know what you're doing, they're in good hands, and resistance to working with you will come wayyyyy down. Now I'm not a mindset guy - but I understand it and have seen it over and over again. But you're in luck because you know Jeanna and she is one of the best mindset people out there. Jeanna is someone who can totally help you master that mindset through law of attraction and many other "inner game" building techniques. She's got her Happy Wealthy Launch program which specifically addresses the Math/Mindset duality and helps you master both so that you can generate a flash flood of cash in your business. I hope this article has inspired you to do some planning (math) and strengthen your belief and confidence (mindset) so that you can easily attract record breaking revenues for your business in the upcoming year. WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE, BLOG OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Rob Goyette is an Insane Out of the Box Marketing Strategist who works with coaches and entrepreneurs to radically improve their businesses by giving them the solutions and strategies to accomplish their goals. Enjoy a free month of Rob's "Radical Results Mastermind" by going to
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