Waiting for the Goods

-Why do I manifest more expenses when I am focusing on wealth?

- Why isn’t my body showing signs of healing when I’m trying to get well?

- My assistant is still not doing her job and I’ve clearly communicated what I want.

- I’m living off my savings and getting freaked out that I haven’t found a new job yet.

- I’m barely getting by on my current revenue and keep feeling like more will come every day, but it’s not showing up.

These are common feelings shared with me in classes and coaching sessions.

I admit that the most difficult time to feel 100% sure that your desire will manifest is when you are continually aware that it’s not showing up. The waiting game is quite painful.

Rather than questioning why the money is not in your pocket or how come your body is not cooperating, question why you’re questioning. The only reason you are even wondering about your desire is that you truly don’t believe it’s coming. It’s your signal that it’s time to simply acknowledge what is and what’s coming at the same time.

It’s ridiculous to think that you can look at your bank account with only $100 in it and feel rich. However, you can stop resisting the current situation so that you can allow the money into your account.

Remember, most of the manifestation process happens behind the scenes. You are only aware of the last part of the process where you actually see or feel the results. That is the end. So many other pieces are put in place before that.

For example, there is a gal who just registered for my Prosperity Game teleclass. I just became aware that she has been following me for years when she spoke up on one of my complimentary teleclasses about business. I was not aware of her being on many of my similar classes over the years or that she had coaching with Eva Gregory and me on her wish list. This was all happening behind the scenes. I only saw the last part of this manifestation when I spoke with her.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will all of your forthcoming, masterpiece manifestations. When you question why your goods aren’t present, you immediately need to come back to your power. Breathe away any fear about not creating your desires. Make a decision that you most certainly will be experiencing some nice evidence that your money is coming. If not today, then very soon.

Always assume that your stuff is being put together behind the scenes and you will shortly be delighted with the evidence that this is so. Don’t sit around and wait for the manifestation. Go live fully until it shows up. This will make it come even faster!

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