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Vibrational immunity.

I heard the term on an Abraham-Hicks CD years ago, and it thrilled me to no end.

It is a perfect “trigger” phrase. A trigger in coaching language is something that reminds you of what you’d like to focus upon.

You have the ability to be immune to any negative condition or experience you’ve ever imagined. You can tap into this ability by realizing that you actually have this power. You must also be focused on well-being of the majority of the time.

You must vibrate (focus) in alignment with health, wealth, joy, safety, ease, and great relationships. This provides you with superhero-like powers.

My friend, Kathy, has vibrational immunity when it comes to safety. She probably doesn’t even know it. She likes to hike in the evenings when the weather cools down. She hikes up a hill that is in a remote part of her town.

Other people, especially women, would not consider hiking this trail by themselves in the evening. They would be scared of human or animal attacks. Or what if she twisted her ankle? Who would hear her screams? Kathy will never encounter these dreadful experiences because she is enjoying her hikes and feels safe.

Could you escape heart disease, even if both sides of your family have a history of heart attacks? Of course! Those things can only impact you if you believe they can. You can have vibrational immunity to ALL health conditions, injuries, weight gain, or disease. Decide you are immune to a problem, and it will be so.

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to live to be in my hundreds. I envisioned my grandchildren and my mate hanging out in my beautiful backyard, loving each other up. This gives me great comfort in moments during my adventures that I fear I might die.

I remind myself that I’m not dying for many years (I have so much to experience still!) and all is well. This gave me vibrational immunity when skydiving, flying our plane 50 feet above the ground, waterskiing in the moonlight, and driving my car super fast.

I know that when I’m having fun and listening to my inner guidance, accidents are not a part of my world. I may sound batshit crazy to you… but this type of living gives me freedom. It doesn’t mean I’m reckless. I always check in with my inner compass.

New friends often worry for me, and I explain that I’m not rebelling against rules; I just truly believe I am safe.

Trusting that you have vibrational immunity is not risky. It actually ensures well-being.

So, unleash your worries. Become vibrationally immune to worry about failing in your biz, going broke, or doing something wrong in your marketing so you can have more fun and be free… right nowww!

Where do you choose to have immunity in your business?

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of being vibrationally immune to anything other than success in my business (and life). I'm feeling the fun and freedom that brings to try things outside my comfort zone, to serve my 5-star clients with ease, and dream bigger about what's possible. Thank you for planting that seed <3