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I had mastered a bad habit in my relationship. This particular practice was born out of the desire to keep peace in my house. 

It finally occurred to me that the thing I was doing to keep peace, actually kept me away from it. WHOA!

In my quest to create flow in my relationship, I would often cave into what my mate wanted, even if it went against my own values.


Of course, it wasn’t obvious to me when I was in the middle of carrying out that disempowering practice. Once I had the awareness, I was able to course-correct pretty quickly, and I now experience true peace and empowerment at the same time.

I’m convinced that entrepreneurs practice a similar negative habit with client attraction…

  1. You hustle your buns off learning marketing strategies, how to perfect your craft, and networking.
  2. You take a stab at implementing what you learn.
  3. You make some progress, but it doesn’t feel like you’re reaping the benefits in your bank account. You also feel a little stressed and overwhelmed.

You’re doing what you perceive to be profitable actions, but your own inner guidance is ignored. 

I refer to this part of you as your Inner Business Expert because it guides you to choices in your business that’ll be most inspiring, streamlined, and supportive of your highest values.

You can take any business model and turn it into a profit-producing machine if you resist taking any actions that go against the core of who you are.

For instance, I used to wear a suit and try to act professional when facilitating cash flow seminars. I thought it would gain the trust of the attendees. 

But I HATED wearing suits! I’m a casual kind of girl. Suits and being stiff didn’t put me into my power. As a result, I didn’t sell much at those events. 

I finally woke up and saw that what I thought would create trust was actually repelling sales because my strategies weren’t congruent with who I really am and what I enjoy.

That’s a turn-off to everyone!

I traded in my suits for jeans. I ditched being formal and brought in the fun… and my sales skyrocketed.

As you move through your workday, see what you can shift to turn it into a play day. That’s a sure sign that you’ve engaged your Inner Business Expert and you’re honoring what’s in your highest good.

Profits will dig on that. It’s very attractive!

Where are you compromising your values in your biz?

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