Use Words to Empower Yourself

Use Words to Empower Yourself Do you state your intentions with an “I hope this happens” kind of feeling behind your words?

When I am asking a client what their intention is (or said another way, “What is the desired outcome?”), I’m really wanting to know the outcome they are committing to. I don’t want them to wonder if it will or won’t happen, I want them to expect it to happen.

No matter how much I remind people that an intention is not a wish, they still tend to hope rather than expect. If I ask, “What are you committed to having in your life?” a current of resistance starts flowing. The word commitment stirs up feelings of responsibility, have-to, and fear of not being able to “make” it happen.

In order to successfully stop wishing, you have to create a new relationship with the word commitment itself.

Softening the emotional charge of any word that makes you cringe will create more expansion in your life.

Certain four-letter words used to instantly cause me heartache if I heard them, even if they weren’t aimed at me. I’ve done some poking around in my mind and I’m finally at a place where those words are simply words to me. Every word is open to interpretation. It’s only the meaning we give to something that makes it joyful or harmful.

Use words to empower yourself!  What are one or two words about your business that still push your buttons?  How can you reframe them?  



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