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It’s easy to get caught up in the magical miracle ways that you can make money fast. “If you do X in your business, you can make millions!” is the message coming from all directions.

“If you sign up for this class or that e-course, you can make six figures” is another neon sign coming at you via the internet.

While certain strategies, investment opportunities, and niches do produce results, it’s all about how you resonate with that particular thing that makes it successful or not. Your money vibe is what’s in control of your income rising… or falling.

Your money vibe is what makes you collide with good deals, fast sales, and all-around good luck.

Except it’s not luck. It’s planned.

Intentionally changing your relationship with money has everything to do with how you perceive it. Do you see it as friend or foe? Is it easy or hard to receive it? Do you feel in charge of money, or is it in charge of you?

Once you see it as something in service to you…

Thinking about money creates a high frequency, and it literally is drawn to you like a magnet. The term “magnetizing money” is highly overused, and yet it is indeed what’s happening.

All you have to do to change your money vibe is to make a decision today that you will relate to money with excitement.

I tell my clients to act like a six-, seven-, or eight-figure CEO.

Choose to believe that you know what you’re doing.

If you follow your inner guidance, you’ll always take actions that lead to more money.

Act like the version of you who earns lots of money and is used to it.

Have fun in your creation of more money.

How the heck do you do this if you’ve been consistently struggling with money? Let the reins go.

Quit whining, complaining, feeling like a victim, trying too hard, and all that crappy stuff you do when it comes to money.

And quit being cheap when it would serve you better to invest in quality. Stop saying you can’t afford things… because you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you see something you want, decide you’ll have it, even if you don’t have the means in this moment.

Whenever you decide you want something, I mean REALLY decide, you will find the means to do it. And it won’t be from raiding the piggy bank. Although it could be. It’s all your choice.

The other surefire way to raise your money vibe is to raise your vibe in general. Do stuff that is fun and reminds you that life is an adventure to be enjoyed.

Watching uplifting movies, reading good books, connecting with friends, and gardening are great too.

When I go for my daily walk, I tell my boys to look at the trees because money grows on them. They don’t know what I’m talking about it, but it raises my vibe to envision that money is all around me and easily accessible. Therefore it is.

You have to believe in what’s coming before you see any physical evidence. This isn’t a one-time deal.

Creating a new relationship to money is a daily practice. And it’s well worth the investment of your time.

Ten to fifteen minutes a day of focusing on all the fun you’ll have creating and spending your money can shave off years of waiting.

So don’t wait for your money to come someday in the future… decide that now is the perfect time to allow it in.

Money isn’t shy. When you tell it to come hither… it does!

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Christy Sharafinski
Brilliant and inspiring as always, Jeanna. Thank you for the multiple reminders to treat money like my bestie. Not some stranger. XO, Christy Sharafinski
Wow! quite a liberating perspective. I love this.