Unwavering Faith

UNWAVERING FAITH is my focus right now. I’ve slammed all the doors shut on fears like...

What if the money doesn’t show up?

What if I don’t manifest the goal?

What if I never uplevel my income/biz again?

What if it’s the same ole shit year after year?

What if I can’t fully let go and let full-on abundance in??

That’s a nice what-if DOWN game... right?! All the self-destructive thoughts that don’t even let you get the dream off the ground. They make you lose... every time.

I’m a huge fan of what-if UPPING. This is what that looks like:

What if it’s so easy to make more money that all I have to do is change my mind?

What if I double my income every week?

What if I find ways to make a bigger difference in the world, follow inspiration 100%, and massive success becomes my new normal?

But I’m not using that game right now…

It’s a great game for the in-between place… to get out of the what-if down game.

But right now I’m sitting in the place of... IT IS ALREADY DONE.

UNWAVERING FAITH means there’s no questioning. If it’s done, it IS done. Doesn’t matter if I see evidence of this truth in my physical world yet.

I see the truth of it INSIDE of me. It’s how I feel.

I recently reserved a chartered catamaran to sail to the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily next summer. I sent my money to the charter company, but I’m not in Sicily yet. I talked to an expert in Sicily travel who will book our land tour, but even though there's no contract yet... I KNOW she will do it.

I’m excited out of my mind for that trip. I think about it almost every day and imagine walking through the castle. Snorkeling with my kids near the hot springs and volcanic island.

Eating pizza with arugula on top. Maybe my cousin, Massimo, in Rome will fly over to visit us.


I go about my day-to-day pleasure activities NOT worrying about if Sicily is happening or not. IT IS because I decided it is.

It’s been on my bucket list for years because my paternal grandmother’s family is from there... but it wasn’t until I was researching sailing trips in the Mediterranean Sea that I was inspired to actually make a decision and do it.

You can have a dream about your business or pleasure or health or whatever... but ain’t nuthin’ happening until that full-on decision is made.

You’re either going or you’re not.

You’re either making that money and attracting clients or you’re not.

The only thing that happens in between is complacency or resistance to having it.

So, right now... I’m HAVING IT. All the “its” I want. Doesn’t matter how long they’ve been on the list. I decided there’s one in every area of my life... that I’m having. NOW.

I don’t give a rip if I have any REAL evidence of it... at least what other people call evidence. It’s my business what I see as evidence. And there is ALWAYS a lot of positive evidence to show me that I’m OF COURSE getting what I want.

But I always know first by how I feel. When I waffle, it’s a struggle.

When I’m unwavering... man, it all happens quickly, with joy, and it’s pretty exciting. It’s exciting from the moment I decide.

Unwavering feels right. Nothing about it feels wrong.

When I REALLY, TRULY... decide. It feels different... immediately.

Unwavering. It feels really good. It’s solid. IT JUST IS.

UNWAVERING feels freaking strong. IT JUST IS.

Where will you step into unwavering faith? When?

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