Have you ever wished someone could help you figure out exactly what you are doing and thinking that’s blocking you from attracting more wealth?

When I work with clients, I get into their heads looking for the thought patterns that sabotage them without even knowing it. Thoughts of lack lead to actions that produce lack.

There are several common ways that people sabotage their wealth goals.

The first step is always awareness. Put on your curiosity hat and notice when you slip into any of the following. If you’re really serious about having more money in your life, ask someone else to tell you when they see you doing any of the following.

Buyer’s remorse.

You worry that you paid too much for something or feel guilty that you bought it. Either feel good about buying it or don’t do it. It’s okay to say no if it doesn’t feel good. Many times people spend money so they won’t risk people knowing that they can’t afford it. Take care of your pocketbook, not your ego.

Making choices based on cost versus quality and perfect fit.

You usually end up spending more because you have to buy something twice to get it right. Or you end up paying a second party because the first service was less than desirable. By the way, I’m not saying getting a deal is bad. It’s great! Just watch when price tags do all your choosing for you.

Make yourself wrong.

You think you should be farther ahead regarding money or success. I’ve never seen anybody move forward in life by beating themselves up. How can you be creative about solutions when you feel like a loser?

However, you can go from broke to wealth by simply practicing different thinking and actions.

Feeling bad about your debt.

Hmmm… focusing on debt will get you where? Nowhere! It will keep you stuck in debt. Focus on attracting more money in, and make a plan for paying off the debt. Experts have many opinions on the best ways to pay off debt.

But, there really is only one way… the way that works for you. If your plan gets you into action, that is perfect.

Comparing yourself to Joe Blow.

The comparison game always has a loser, someone who is less than. Let Joe inspire you to create more wealth. Again, focus on how you want to create a solution.

Worrying about paying for a bill or an event that is happening more than a day from now.

Many things can happen between now and then. All of your power is in the now. The only thing you can do about the future in this moment is become clear on the outcome you desire, and set yourself up to win.

Worrying has never gotten anybody anything except a headache, heart attack, or disease. Be proactive and stop thinking about the “potential” problem until you are solution focused.

You may think or do other things that sabotage you. Some may be very obvious and others may be subtle.

Anytime you feel stress in regards to money, take note. Ask yourself what you are afraid may happen.

Look for ways to get back into a centered, powerful state of mind. Remember that most stress about money is simply a story you’ve made up about what may happen in the future.

If you are going to make up a story, make it one that has a happy ending!

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