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Sometimes your dream isn’t designed to be fulfilled the way that most people do. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious routes if they don’t pan out.

My friend Greg Joseph is a prime example. Many years ago he decided to start acquiring real estate. If you knew his situation, you’d say this business was an impossibility.

He knew better.

He did more than ten real estate transactions with his business partners and never had to invest his own money. 

Greg used his strengths and talents in each deal, and so did his partners. He was not turned upside down when the real estate market went south because he had done his homework. He didn’t play by the rules that the general public followed.

I did the same thing when I purchased my first house. There was no real estate agent involved in the transaction, and I managed to pull the deal together with no prior knowledge of real estate.

When you have your eye on a very specific goal and the normal avenues of acquisition don’t seem possible, do not fear. The solution is always near!

Start by…

… talking to others who have knowledge about your desired outcome. Ask them for out-of-the-box ideas on how to make it happen. Keep collecting data until you begin to see some glimpses of a route that will work for your particular situation.

And always, always, always ask your inner guidance for your next step. They’ve been pre-wired for infinite knowledge specifically for you.

My pal Mary Allen used to live in million-dollar homes with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. She paid a fraction of the cost you’d expect. She never owned any of the homes, and the homeowners saw her as an asset, as she took care of their homes while they were traveling or trying to sell them. It was a win-win situation.

When I was younger, I was naive about what it took to buy a car from a dealership. I walked into the BMW dealership with a desire and no cash. I fell in love immediately with the M3. When the finance manager asked me how much money I was going to put down, I shrugged my shoulders with the “I dunno” look.

The next day I came back with my credit card and put the down payment on it. That gave me a month before my next bill came in to figure out where I was going to get the cash to pay it off.

Just as I had intended, the Universe delivered the exact amount I needed to pay that bill off on time.

The money came in a way that was highly unconventional and most people would say was near impossible. At that point in my life it was the largest sum I’d ever manifested at once.

Do you have your eye on something you want to manifest that seems out of reach right now? What if you decided to go for it with an attitude that it was possible? What if you played to win?

I suggest you move forward with a curious mind and expect to get exactly what you want. Your perfect path may be unconventional, but pleasant surprises await.

What’s your next big manifestation? State it and claim it below!

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