Transcending Personal Limits by Bridget Engel

Bridget is one of my BFF and my co-leader in the Divine Guidance Home Study Course Transcending Personal Limits by Bridget Engel Our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts have real substance, even if scientific instruments cannot measure them yet. They set up our framework of creation. Our emotions then energize our thoughts and propel them from our inner worlds into outer worlds. If you want to create an even brighter and better world for yourself and others, you can learn how to access your imagination. Unlimited thinking goes way beyond positive thinking. It taps into the realm of imagination. This is our closet link to our soul. It is not bound by our past, present, future fears and beliefs - it transcends our physical world. It was given to us by our creator to transcend this world. It gives us the ability to transcend anything, especially personal limits. It helps to unleash our greatest potential. Utilizing our imagination helps us to expand what we think can be possible. It connects us into our unlimited future pathways and we are then able to bring back fresh vision and enthusiasm into our everyday life. You can trust that our imaginations will always bring us wonderful and creative ways to utilize our full strengths, talents and passions. Trust is the link between the spiritual world and the physical world. It provides continuity during the time that elapses between the conception of an idea and its manifestation. Do you know that once you have gone into your imagination and decided upon your dream it is NOW real, on the spiritual realm. Just waiting for the perfect time to appear in your physical reality. We can trust our higher self and our Divine Guidance to co-ordinate to bring us the right pieces to bring our dreams into fruition all at the right time. Trust is themissing link. The lack of trust causes us to doubt our dreams and say things like "this is just a fantasy world or it's just my imagination, it's not real and it won't pay my mortgage". Never doubt your dreams, but always doubt your doubts. Of course it is not enough to sit around and believe. We DEMONSTRATE trust by listening to our Divine Guidance and taking action on it. We live in the physical world, and ACTION is the physical link to bringing our dreams from our imagination into reality. Because trust is often the missing link in living the life of our dreams, Jeanna Gabellini and I teach you how to work those trust muscles in our Divine Guidance home study course. If you want to learn how to trust your Divine Guidance and get started right away, click here for more information. Bridget Engel, CPPC, blends her business background, coaching principles, intuition and teaches her clients how to partner with their Divine Guidance. (which is a short cut to all good things). Get her ezine and archived ezines here
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