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Even though staying focused on your goals and outcomes seems like such an elementary topic, it’s an issue for most of my clients. It’s frustrating to clarify your goals, then a month later forget what the heck you’d decided. Another roadblock is to create the goals but has no plan of action to actualize them.

Some people thrive on detailed goals, plans, and lists. I created many of them myself in the past, but what ends up happening is that I never pay attention to the plan after it’s made. It gets filed in a drawer or on my desktop. The only structures and/or plans that work are ones that you follow or pay attention to.

Structures that work for me have to be simple and in front of my face.

My simple system works for just about anyone. I’m warning you, it’s not sophisticated or sexy. I create two plans per year. I create one for MasterPeace Coaching and one for personal goals.

It starts with clarifying 3–5 goals for the year.

It may seem difficult to whittle all your goals down to only a few. I start by writing down anything and everything I’d really like to happen for the year. I keep thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Then I complete the sentence. I don’t edit as I go. Then I choose the most important statements. Many of the things I write down end up being action steps under the top 3–5 goals.

Next, I write down all the actions I want to take to support each goal.

Some actions might be ways that I need to think and act to reach the goal.

Then I choose 3–5 goals for the upcoming month that’ll support the yearly goals.

Next, I choose 3–5 actions for the week I will take to support the monthly goals.

Finally, each day I write down no more than six actions (for personal and biz combined) to support my weekly and monthly goals.

The purpose of keeping the number of actions/goals small is that it’s much easier to stay focused. It is also easier to achieve results when you’re not trying to complete fifty million things.

When you keep your focus narrow you get the intended results, plus so many other things get accomplished. Why? When you’re focused, you create a rhythm. Flow and inspiration flow in.

You get results faster so you have space in your life to give energy to other goals.

Being scattered and focusing on umpteen things creates random or no results. It also kills your self-esteem, as you beat yourself up for never getting what you want.

I’m a firm believer in writing all goals down because writing is your greatest point of focus.

I post my yearly and monthly goals on my office wall. My weekly goals and actions are on my desk right next to my Mac.

I keep both business and personal items on this sheet. My daily actions are in my day planner or my Speed Dial the Universe journal, and I check them off as I go. There is six total, and this includes both business and personal actions. A typical list looks like:

  1. Walk

  2. Work out

  3. Call bank

  4. Create ezine

  5. Send promo to team

  6. Send card to Jennifer

This is it. You have all my secrets now. I know it’s primitive, but that’s part of why it works. Keep it simple and follow it. Just make sure the structure works for you.

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Linda Christensen
Love it, thanks Jeanna