Tips on Soothing Your Stress

By Jeanna Gabellini

How do you shift your focus when you’re stressed out and asking for a miracle?  Anything or thought you can grab onto that will create even a smidge of relief can begin the process.  A conversation with someone who is very comforting and uplifting is of great value.  Bodywork or a walk in nature is also a good start.

Here are some thoughts that I find valuable:

•    This too shall pass.
•    The Universe/God is with me.
•    I am asking for help and the Universe always responds. It’s my job to let it in.
•    Inner being, what can I do to feel some relief?
•    I’m going to let myself be scared or hurt for a little bit and then I’ll work my way to better feeling    thoughts.
•    What are 5 things that are working well in my life right now?
•    I can have things go my way.
•    The Law of Attraction is like having a magic wand.  I just have to relax.
•    I’m breathing my way into allowing.
•    The only reason I feel discord is because I’ve separated myself from my Inner Being.

Hope is a great feeling to reach for at first.  Then you’ll have to pump up your faith that things will go your way by remembering past experiences where you’ve succeeded.  You can also think about other people who have turned dire situations around.  They had to go through the same steps as you are in order to move into allowing.

When things begin to move in a favorable direction it will feel like magic, but in truth, it’s just you relaxing into your worthiness of all good things.

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Dale Kathryn
I loved your post. The secret is reaching for relief cause it can be so difficult to go from depressed to happy!