NEW – Discover your Tipping Point for Success 2-Part Video and Tele-Training

Is there a SUPERpreneur under that Suit? What does it take to be a SUPERprenuer without hitting huge obstacles in a single bound? You have to connect the dots between your beliefs and the actions you take. If your profitability, creativity or business growth has hit a plateau then there are some critical game changing practices that you need to know before you implement any new strategies. Are you ready to leverage the power of intention to create high-octane results? Then this complimentary 2-part video training gets to the bottom line quickly. You’ll learn a couple of practices, that when done daily, will cause a ‘vibrational tipping point’ for immediate profit flow. PLUS, I’m going to deepen the learning by giving you a no-cost 1-hour tele-training to discover 3 small steps you can take immediately to create an epic shift in your business. Discover your Tipping Point for Success and Get the Practices and Real Life Strategies to Create an Epic Shift in Your Business! If you’ve been scratching your head wondering, “What is it going to take for me to get out of this rut and create a business that feels fun, congruent with my values and vision and generates more than enough profit for me to live my ideal lifestyle …” Wonder no more! Get access to my no-bull video and tele-training here! Time to fly, baby! Jeanna
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