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“The simple truth is, the answer is usually ‘no’ unless you ask, and ask you must if you expect success.” – Daniel Sitter

One of my all-time favorite books, The Aladdin Factor, states that the answer is already no (if you don’t have something), so you might as well ask. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen suggest that we ask, ask, ask because we may just get a “YES!” in response to what we are requesting.

I recommend taking this “yes thing” a bit further. What if you simply expect a “YES!” to every single request you make of your mate, your kids, your colleagues, your friends, customer service, and sales personnel? What if you expect a “YES!” to every goal you set for your finances?

Is it an unrealistic perspective? Not at all. Expectations are the only reason you have what you have in your life. If you expect someone to truly give you what you want, you will walk into a conversation confident and relaxed.

You’ll have no resistance, your stance will be open to receive, and you will intuitively know how to best move through the dance of communication. When you expect to make more money from your job, your business, and investments, you make different choices.

A woman called me to talk about hiring me as her coach. She said her business wasn’t making a profit and if it didn’t turn around in the next couple of months, her husband wanted her to get a job. She kept saying the words try, maybe, if, and hopefully during our conversation. I gave her feedback that she needed to expect a “YES!” to her goal. She’ll take different actions in her business if she expects to do well. If she fears that she won’t do well, potential clients will smell her fear a mile away.

If you expect to get what you want, the Universe is guaranteed to bend over backward to serve up your request. Expecting to hear, experience, and see your requests fulfilled is attractive. There is no ego involved in the process.

You won’t need to defend or plead your case. If you catch yourself trying to justify why you should get what you want, you’re not fully expecting your desired outcome. Always expect to get what you want when you’re negotiating a contract, sale, or purchase. You’ll be much more relaxed and you won’t settle for anything less than what you want.

Many years ago I interviewed Keith Leon and shared that his book, Who Do You Think You Are? was his “Yes project.” He expected every personal growth expert he asked to interview for the book to say yes. In fact, he expected every part of the book to be easy. And it was!

Living a “YES! Life” also means expecting to get the money, flow, peace, asking price or more for your house, pregnancy, dream house, awesome vacation, debt paid off, and every single little thing you want.

Practice noticing how you respond, in your head, when a thought enters regarding money. I want to go on that cruise; I want a new Prius; I want to do that seminar; I want to sleep well tonight; I want my life to change. I want to increase my income. If you see that you are responding with anything less than, “YES! Of course I’ll have that!” then you know what you need to focus on. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. YESSSSSSSSSS!

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Celeste Bonnet
Jeanna, you know I love everything you create. The way you wrote this shone light on a realization that expecting a "Yes!" used to be my default.... but it has not been for quite a while. Wow! No wonder life has been so hard. Ironically, I encouraged my 19-year old a few days ago that she has sooooo much to offer. To start with her biggest dream and work backwards, and find the people who would love to help her. Thank you for joyfully reminding us of the power of asking AND expecting, "Yes!".