The Time is Now

The Time is NowIn the beginning of the year, you probably created a set of goals you ‘d like to achieve sometime this year. You knew some would be easy to manifest, while there were others you really didn’t believe you could have this year.

If you decided that you cared enough about the goal to put it on your list, then the time is now to claim it. A few days ago, one of my favorite customers sent me a message that she had something really amazing to share with me. I called her and found out that she wasn’t exaggerating. Sandra been using my Speed Dial the Universe journal faithfully with really great results. She had been writing that she’d like to manifest a really big sum of money. She wanted to let me know that she had unexpectedly received a check for $50,000! This was a very moving experience for Sandra as it was her indicator that she had shifted her beliefs about money. Aren’t you ready to blow through some of your barriers to receiving your desires for this year? Now is a good time to decide to change the way you think, let go of any financial suffering, heal that nagging health or family issue, and experience more joy. How does one manifest something now that seems a bit impossible or unrealistic? One bite at a time, just like eating an elephant. It will be a series of decisions and actions that lead you to opening up to the truth that you really can have everything on that list of yours. I recently took this on for myself. I’ve always been afraid of public speaking. Obviously, I’m not afraid of teaching teleclasses to thousands or facilitating and coaching teams. But being on stage with a microphone and not interacting with the audience gave me extremely sweaty palms and butterflies. Several years ago, I chose to stop doing public speaking. But recently, I decided to get over the fear. Of course, I got asked to speak soon after that by a chiropractic school. I said, “Yes” and the new self-talk began. I decided that I no longer needed to be scared and that I could be the kind of person who felt at ease on stage. My intention was to have fun, get new clients, make a positive impact, and feel as comfortable as I do leading a teleclass. Guess what?! It was super easy. No butterflies! I made them laugh and the audience surrounded my product table afterward. The only bummer was that, after I spoke, someone came up to me, to let me know my pant’s zipper was down. Ummm, it would’ve been really nice to know I had a wardrobe malfunction before I got in front of the crowd and video camera. Next time, I’ll intend to look and sound good. What are you willing to shift now? It’s time.
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