Have you ever faced a situation where none of the obvious next steps felt good? Or what about a financial crisis and all of the solutions made you cringe?

There’s nothing like feeling stuck or out of control that’ll give you a stomachache or a splitting headache faster. How do you get to a better state of mind?

The easiest way is to choose the path of least resistance… at that moment.

Let’s say the IRS has sent you a notice that they’ve seized money out of your personal accounts. Whatever money was in your checking and savings is now gone. That’s definitely an OMG! moment.

You’re scratching your head trying to figure out how this happened. But you can’t spend too much time being puzzled because the IRS wants more money and you’ve got to figure out something fast.

Everywhere you turn you feel panic. Arrgh! There are a couple of possibilities, but each one feels like a compromise in some way with your other goals.

I’ve coached thousands of people through situations like the one I just described. I always ask, “What is your path of least resistance? What choice can you make for this moment that will create some breathing room for you? What feels easiest?”

Many times the very thing that will put you at ease is to hold off on making a decision. Yes, you still have to face the music, but it’s always best to make choices from a grounded perspective rather than from an emotional knee-jerk reaction place.

Sleeping on a problem can work wonders. A fresh perspective usually comes with a new sunrise. Talking to people outside of the situation can also assist you in finding your path of least resistance.

Keep in mind, your final choice may not be ideal, but it should give relief. I’ve been in positions where I had no available cash and needed groceries or something critical for my business.

Borrowing money didn’t feel good. Neither did taking money out of my investments. Both of those choices made my solar plexus tighten and burn. I chose using my credit card that already had a mile-high balance. That choice was not ideal and yet it gave me what I needed at that moment. I could then move forward using a strategy that did feel good.

Making a choice puts you back into the power position. You’re then able to be proactive. Keep making choices, one step at a time, that feel most in alignment with your goals and values. You will know by your gut reaction if a choice is going to cause relief or more discomfort. Your body reacts immediately.

A friend once made a strong suggestion that I use money in my IRA and other investments to make a down payment on a new house. Everything in my body said, “HELL NO!” I kindly told that person that I had a savings plan for a down payment and that I was willing to wait for my stash to grow before purchasing a new house.

Was it ideal for me to wait? Not in a perfect world, but it’s what felt best in the moment. And it was fine if I changed my mind the next day. It depends on my path of least resistance and most allowance.

Trust what feels best right now and your ideal solution will be delivered. It is law.

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