The Magic of Teleseminars

I’m on vacation this week so I asked my gal pal, Lisa Sasevich, to serve up some magic (I’m totally into anything that feels magical). One of her specialties is showing you how to rock your teleseminars… and attract a bunch of new clients while you’re at it. ;-)

The Magic of TeleseminarsThere’s no question that the teleseminar has been key to my having a life -- and a lifestyle -- that I love.

 My business makes multimillions, I take 10-12 weeks of vacation a year, I get lots of mommy time with my two children and my reach extends to 127 countries.

 Teleseminars have truly created magic in my life. And they can do the same for you. Here are just a few of the ways:

 1. You can make money while on vacation. One of the awesome things about teleseminars is that you can prerecord them. You can actually get all the work done before you go on vacation and even prewrite the emails that generally go out after the teleseminar is over.

 Take that even further by recording the teleseries and packaging the audio files after you get back. With the right marketing in place, sales will continue to roll in while you’re off to your next project -- or on your next adventure.

 2. They’re versatile. You can do teleseminars from anywhere, and your audience can consume them from anywhere, at any time. If they miss the live call, they just download the audio and listen to it later. People love to do that in their cars.

 3. You can make a fortune from your existing book. This is so easy to do. Just think of your nonfiction book as a workbook, and group the chapters into five distinct sections. These sections are now the content for your five-part teleseries.

 Then give a free preview call on the topic and invite people to work with you further in the series. You can easily sell the teleseries for $297 or $497 and put a lot of people into the class. Your $19 book can easily net you thousands overnight!

 Personally, I love teleseminars because:

  • I don’t have to do my hair! I could do the teleseminar in my yoga pants and no one would ever know. I just make sure to have a mirror handy so that I keep on smiling. The audience can’t see my smile, but they’ll feel its warmth.
  • I can use my notes. With my notes right there in front of me, I’m not going to forget a thing and my call will be super effective.
  • I can record the preview call and use it over and over as a marketing tool. That’s a great way to leverage my time as an entrepreneur. I love to be efficient!

Teleseminars can be an awesome addition to your marketing strategies!

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