The Law of Attraction Meets Sassy Savvy Business Practices

By Wendy Hanson

If you are a business owner, you know that being an entrepreneur is not for the weak or the meek; it is for people with conviction, passion and a can-do attitude. But sometimes all entrepreneurs need a boost, a shift, new information, new partners, or new collaboration.  It is so important to integrate savvy business practices with the principles of the law of attraction: that you can focus on what you want and believe that it’s going to happen. 

Here’s an example. We notice sometimes there is a shift that needs to happen in our business.  Take out a pencil and paper, and make two columns.  In the left column write down:

What are the beliefs and assumptions you currently hold around your business?


The economy is bad, so it’s going to be hard.

I’m really not good at this.

My clients are cheap.

I love what I do and don’t care if I get paid well or not.

Take a look at the list; what assumptions are you holding there?  What beliefs do you have about yourself, your business, the economy, and your clients?

 Now, in the second column write down:

What are the beliefs that you want to hold about your business, yourself, your clients; the economy?


I am a very capable business woman who knows what to do to make money.

A lot of successful companies have started up and become extremely successful in a down economy.

There are so many people out there who want my business and services and are waiting to hear from me.

See the difference? Now, if every day you look at the list on the right side and really act- take some inspired actions about those beliefs and assumptions- how much further could you go in your business?  Add to that having an action packed business plan which is a focused yet mini sized version of a plan you might take to a bank. Then add a lot of other strategies for social marketing, business planning, or  building routines, and you are on your way to great success.

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