The 7 Mindsets of a Master of Enrollment

Because most people are trying to find their magic pill strategy to get new clients, I want to remind you of one critical error. Even the best strategy won’t work if your mindset stinks. So I asked Bill Baren (a dear friend and one of my mentors) to write an article for you on the mindset of client attraction. You’ll LOVE what he shared below!

The 7 Mindsets of a Master of EnrollmentKnowing what to say during a consultation is important, but even more important is who you are being and how you are connecting with people that you are speaking to. The following are 7 principles of being a Master of Enrollment:

1. Care about the person more than getting hired

When you’re focused on being an ally to your potential client getting to where they want to go, you will be perceived as an ally. But when you’re clinging to “getting a client,” your potential client will experience the energy of the consultation as manipulative or off-putting. Your practice is to think less about yourself and what’s in it for you (such as getting a client), and place much more attention on your potential client and really what’s in it for them.
2. Connection counts more than anything
The connection you have with your prospective client is much more important than anything else. So even if you make some mistakes during your consultation, you’ll be fine if you maintain a connection and rapport.
3. Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge
Mirror back as much as you can to the person you’re speaking to, and show them fully that you’re excited for them to get to where they want to go. Be compassionate about their fears, pains and frustrations. Make sure to acknowledge your potential clients as much as you can. You want them to feel deeply seen, heard and understood. If you can create that experience, that in itself is a huge gift.

4. Be Curious
Your questions and curiosity for your potential client will be a breath of fresh air! Few people in their life will be as interested as you are. However, your potential clients will know the difference between genuine curiosity and fake curiosity just so you can gather information to get a client. So, it’s got to be genuine. 
5. Let go of force in the process
Once you start trying to convince, once you start changing somebody’s mind, the process breaks down. This happens when you’re trying to sell someone on your value. Instead, when you Establish the Gap really well, the rest of the pieces just fall into place with the right people. 
By the way, one reason the match may not be happening as frequently as you like is that your offering is not tapping into an urgent desire of your target market.
6. Be a matchmaker
It’s not about you getting the sale. It’s about exploring whether there’s a match between your potential client’s current genuine want and what you’re offering. When there’s a match, you can create magic together. And when there isn’t, it’s about you pointing your potential client in the right direction where they can find the match.
By the way, one reason the match may not be happening as frequently as you like is that your offering is not tapping into an urgent desire of your target market. 
7. Your Consultation is the ultimate act of service
It’s important for you to be in touch with how your potential client hiring you is actually part of being of service to them. Because chances are, your potential client has an urgent problem that they’ve been struggling with for a long time. And if they could have solved it on their own, they would have already done it.  So your service offerings may be just the thing they need. You are here to give them that extra inspiration to take the big step of going for what they really want.
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