Back in 2008, I received an email from an HR person who wanted to use my services to screen job applicants for her company using the DISC behavioral assessments. (I’ve been a certified DISC coach for almost 20 years.)

In my conversation with her, I was very adamant that she must truly define both the role of the positions being filled and what type of person would be a perfect fit for them.

This is a critical process whether you’re looking for a business partner, JV partner, life partner, tutor for your child, housekeeper, coach, or employee.

I encourage you to write down all aspects of the 5-star person in detail. It’s not enough to just give it airtime in your head.

It’s so easy to get complacent with someone being “good” enough… and not really questioning whether this is what your 5-star version of this person should be.

Here’s a mind-blowing example…

Many years ago, Eva Gregory and I interviewed Jan Brogniez and Stacey Hall, the authors of Attracting Perfect Customers.

One of the authors said she had been irritated with her husband lately.

Her co-author asked if she had done an Attraction Plan for her perfect husband.

The answer was “no.” She said she was already married so it didn’t occur to her to write down all the perfect qualities of her ideal mate.

This changed my life. Now I’m always asking myself, “If I could have ANYTHING I wanted in this person or role on my team, what would it be?”

It doesn’t matter if what you write down is big, small, petty, egoic, picky… if it matters to you, it matters to you.

You get to have your most ideal version.

Even if you have to deal with this person only once or twice a year, like your accountant, it’s worth taking the time to do it.

Otherwise, you’re just going to get what you get.

Get very specific about all the roles you’ll need to fill based on where your business is headed… and where it is now.

Sometimes we assume that defining that we need a coach, administrative assistant, or housekeeper will be enough.

Nooo… you want the 5-star version!

Here’s a wake-up call…

… have you ever looked at the roles you play in life and business?

I know I’ve found myself in some roles that I did not deliberately sign up for but I played anyway.

Here are some roles I’ve played or I’ve seen others play that they just fell into:

  • Babysitter
  • Caretaker
  • Housecleaner
  • Person who pulls the neighbor’s trash cans off the curb back to their house
  • Secretary
  • Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Marketer
  • Cook
  • Martyr
  • Victim
  • Volunteer for all projects nobody else will say yes to
  • Contributor
  • Taxi driver

Sometimes the roles you take aren’t ones that you delight in nor do you get paid for them.

Are you capable? Sure. But are you playing the roles you really want? Do they really suit your natural behavior style, and are they aligned with your values and vision?

I’m relationship oriented and like to move fast. Some people think I should be in sales, but sales is not something I enjoy. Could I do it? Sure. Do I want to? No.

Now, if we further defined sales, I could say yes. I do indeed share what I offer. But it feels good because everyone that sees my packages and programs volunteered to be in my community.

If I sat down and further defined benchmarks for what an amazing promoter I’d like to be, I’d perform even better in that role.

If you’re a parent, did you sit down with your partner and decide what your specific roles would be for your child? Sometimes we need to redefine roles as we move along through life. It’s never too late to define your role or someone else’s.

As you move through your professional and personal life this week, check out the roles you and others play. See if they need further refining. Then notice if you or other people are the right fit for that role.

You’d be amazed what a few tweaks in either will create.

What roles need to be upgraded to 5-star immediately?

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