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For years, anytime I wanted to find a solution to an issue I wanted to resolve I’d go directly into analyzation. Rushing in was the controlling side of my personality that wanted to force the issue to cease immediately.

Then I’d poll the crowd… asking folks what they thought about my issue. Their comments led to instant resistance and a Gremlin mega-party. I then would do what all brilliant people do when confused. I’d go to bed. I would relax and ask the Universe for guidance to an easy solution.

I’d then wake up knowing that I needed to go 100% spiritual.

I had to let go of mental knowledge. I let go of the Gremlins and their fear-based psychobabble. I let go of my reaction to the Gremlins, which means I let go of trying to control the situation.

I decided to tap into something much more powerful in myself—my spirituality and all the grounded wisdom and confidence it allows me to have access to.

When I refer to being spiritual, I mean connecting to your heart—your inner wisdom and the source of well-being. I like to think that I am a very spiritual person. But many times, I get so far away from spirituality when I need it most.

As soon as I connect into that place of peace, I instantly feel more in control without having to try to force something to happen. I know exactly whom I should call to assist me for a breakthrough.

Just deciding to connect to your heart creates a feeling of well-being and peace inside your body and head. You begin to breathe more deeply.

There are many ways to get a job done. The fastest way is to align your head, heart, and spirit before you begin the job.

When I sit down to create an article for you to read, I ask for guidance. I intend that I will write what is perfect for you to read this week. I also intend that the words come easily and that I write in an uncensored fashion.

Once I feel relaxed, then I begin the article. Rarely do I even know what I’ll write. I create a title first. The article gets downloaded from the Universe, into my head, and then into my computer.

It doesn’t really matter what goals you have or problems you’re looking to get rid of. I always recommend going 100% spiritual first. Then you will more effectively use your brain, emotions, and all of the abundant resources around you. It takes only a few minutes and will save you hours, sometimes years, of time and effort to manifest what you truly want.

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This is true. Thank you for sharing and re-inforcing the power of centred self