The #1 Sly, Aggravating, Success Sucking Secret Habit We All Have – and the Deeper Solution

This week’s article is written by my dear friend Wendy Yellen. She does some of the most unique breakthrough work this self-improvement junkie has ever experienced. There are no blind spots when Wendy is around. In fact, when she did a session at one of my live events there was not a dry eye in the house. We all (including me!) experienced breakthroughs even though we may not have been looking for the one we found. Powerful.masterpeacecoach-03100ce3-6339-4b88-ae86-8f68d69a727b-v2   When you are working against yourself, stop-start, stop-start, despite your best efforts, you feel sucked dry. It feels familiar, perhaps even normal. “This is what always happens when I market, when I write, when I want to grow my business...”  And that’s the big problem. Yes, it’s familiar. But it doesn’t have to be your normal. Let’s find out what is going on beneath the surface that could be sabotaging you. This habit, this pattern, steals your confidence, your smile, your energy, the spring in your step. The success you long for remains infuriatingly out of your reach. No matter what you do. You’ve done your best to go around it. Yet this deeper pattern seems to defeat you no matter what transformational tool you try. BIG NOTE: This happens to everyone – even very successful business owners. Arrgghhh. SO frustrating! Defeat hides behind an “insistent blindness” to our patterns … despite our intelligence… One of my very successful clients wanted to expand his already lucrative business. “Gary” is intelligent, thoughtful and usually very clear headed about his business. Until he hit his danger zone. Something wasn’t working right. His business was on a drunken spree – careening around, helter-skelter, moving this way and that, invading this city and that one, catch as catch–can. YET! Gary didn’t see this perfect storm heading his way. This careening and veering was NOT his usual way of operating. His tunnel vision was not from lack of intelligence. It rarely is for any of us. What it did come from was the “filter” of his father, operating beneath his radar. Many filters are in all of us, negative and positive. When we hit a bump in the road, it’s usually a negative filter blocking our positive filters. But you have access to both. When Gary was younger, his also very successful father had also decided to expand – with disastrous consequences: bankruptcy and family ruin. Which is why it’s (on the outside) so remarkable that Gary would, decades later, find himself blindly following in his father’s land mine strewn footsteps. Ironically, father is the last person he would choose to imitate in this part of business. Insidious part #1: The father filter, til now, had helped Gary.  Yes – helped him! Gary’s success is in part because of his father’s abilities, and Gary’s ability to connect to them in a positive way. Insidious part #2: Gary knew that his father had failed during expansion. But what Gary was blind to, was that he was doing the same thing his father had done. VERY Insidious part #3: If you had asked Gary, he would have said he was expanding in an intelligent, thoughtful, leveraged manner that was effective and working well. The problem is in our “filters”. We are blind to the negative ones and we can’t access the positive ones til the negative ones stop blocking us. A filter is the way a parent is operating inside us despite having “worked on the relationship”, having “forgiven” the parent, or not having spoken in years. Gary accessed other filters that were already inside, and we pulled him away from disaster. He’s still one of the most successful men in his field, and enjoying his success, and his leisure time, even more. He won’t get blindsided by that filter again. The Good News:  Your positive filters are there too! It’s just that they are often buried beneath the negative filters. You can get there, but not from your conscious, rational mind. You can get there quite easily through deeper parts of your consciousness. Wendy Yellen is a Transformation Acceleration Expert, who works with an ancient art yet 21st century science called Eidetics, which accesses deep blueprints in your psyche so you can make an even bigger difference, while being authentically and creatively you.  Discover more about your unique filters. They hold the key to your increased confidence and success. For an experience of your Unique Filters, receive your 3 FR-EE gifts here.
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