Have you ever observed someone’s behavior or listened to their words and thought, “They’re so extreme!”? Did you mean it in a positive or negative way?

Being extreme works both ways. You can be extremely poor or wealthy. You can be extremely negative or positive. You can choose to work extremely hard or extremely smart.

You choose which side of the spectrum you want to be on.

If you’re a person who likes to stay balanced in the middle, read on. You might find a side of extreme that suits you well!

I dare you to take it to the extreme in these areas if you want a kickass business and life…

Be true to yourself. Honor your values and boundaries, no matter what.

Attract desires, intentions, and goals that are what you truly want. No skimping or wimping.

Be authentic. If you’re eccentric, be so with full permission. If you’re analytical, create road maps that serve you. Like to dress outrageously? Do so with confidence! Throw out the word “appropriate.” Do so from joy, not rebellion.

Take only inspired actions today. Take action today, not tomorrow. Do you want to be on TV? Call a PR person now. Want to spend more time with your kids? Make room today. Have you been talking about creating a website? Take a small step right now to get the ball rolling. Book that trip to Europe.

Express yourself fully. You always have full permission. Are you excited about your success? Say so! Is your neighbor ticking you off? Let them know and create a win-win. Do you love someone? Hug them and tell them.

Be deliberate. Make your choices consciously versus by default or old habit. Set your intention for what you’re going to feel, cause, or do each day in the morning… or the night before.

Have fun. Have a good time everywhere. Fun can be the focus at work, with your mate, alone, at the gym, while processing new information, while cleaning, and in the journey from point A to point B. Fun can be created everywhere at any time. Besides, it’s free, feels great, and sets you up to receive abundance.

Be abundant. Abundance is not about just money. It’s a perspective and requires you to know that you’ll always be taken care of. All is well in this moment. You can let go of lacking feelings and trying to cling on to what you have out of fear of losing it. You get to give up trying to control things because you realize that you were always in control.

I dare you to play full out. Feel the thrill of being extremely in joy. Dance like nobody is watching. Leave your worries behind. Laugh full belly laughs. Kick up your heels. Live your life in a way that surprises and delights you. Enjoy yourself 100% of the time. Be extremely abundant… in all ways. I dare you!

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