Take BIG steps to Wealth

Playing BIG means going for what you really want.  You no longer just shoot for something that would be better than where you are now, but you go for the BIG dream.  It’s the difference between a sufficient cash flow that covers your expenses with some left over and a cash flow that supports your “ultimate” lifestyle.  Why would you settle for a goal that is “O.K.” when it takes the same amount of focus and effort to go for goals that completely fulfill your dreams?  It’s actually easier to go BIG. 

When you let go of your fears there is no resistance. You let the flow take you down the stream rather than fighting to make progress paddling against the current.  Your action steps can be small as long as your outcome is your true desire.  Lateral moves just give you more of the same.  Make upward moves.  Once you make the decision, don’t look back unless it’s to acknowledge how much progress you’ve made.  If you question your decision, fear will set in.  It will be a bit uncomfortable at first but soon it will be quite normal to take large leaps.

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