Being a coach and loving the art of effective communication would seem to give me supernatural powers in my relationships. At least that’s what I thought!

It turns out that oftentimes it takes more than communication to get a team, client, friends, or family on the same page.

Let’s say that Bob is someone that you have to work with in order to get a project done. He keeps doing this “thing” that creates obstacles for the completion of the project.

You keep thinking, “If Bob would just stop doing that thing he’s doing, everything would go smoothly!” You finally get the guts to talk to Bob about what’s eating you.

After the conversation with Bob, you feel let down.

He doesn’t see the problem. In fact, he thinks you’re the problem. (Argh. The nerve!)

So, you stew on it for a while.

You set your intention for resolution.

You feel like you can now go back to Bob and have a more “adult” conversation on this topic.

And once again, it bombs. You feel powerless to deal with the situation.

It’s now time to do something radically different… with zero chance of resistance.

It’s time for a chat… higher self to higher self. Yep, a virtual conversation that Bob never needs to know about.

Here’s how it works:

Get yourself in a relaxed state. Trust that you will get the desired outcome with Bob, even if you don’t know how at this moment.

Tap into your higher self. It’s that wise, all-knowing, calm part of yourself that is directly connected to Source energy. Or God. It knows all is well.

Next, imagine that you can tap into Bob’s higher self.

Now you can ask Bob what’s really going on and how he’s feeling. Ask what he most needs from you to feel better and have a win-win outcome.

Also, ask what it is that you need to shift in order to get aligned with the desired outcome.

The answers you receive will probably be short and sweet… and will feel like truth.

Your job is to trust the information you’ve received from your higher self… and his.

You no longer have to convince Bob that he must change.

If there’s a next step you need to take, it will be obvious and it won’t feel tense.

I’ve used this technique many times, in very emotionally charged situations, and it has never failed. Never.

It’s best done before the second conversation ever happens in real life. You can also use this in relationships with family, people you haven’t seen in years, and people you wish to attract into your life that you have yet to meet.

It may seem a bit “out there,” but try it. You’ll become a believer.

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