by Bridget Engel

In our society we have been taught that productivity and producing things you can touch, see or hear are more valuable than quiet time. We have been taught that it is lazy or, good heavens, even selfish, to have personal time. However, to know yourself requires reflective time; time alone is the most important thing you can create in your life. Stillness of the mind creates space for ideas to come in and be born. Inspiration comes from this place as well. It may take time, but it always comes. Stillness is important because....

In these quiet times you are not playing a role or living out someone else's expectations. You get to have a relationship with yourself and understand YOU.

When you detach from your thoughts, you realize that your thoughts are not you, and if you change them [your thoughts], you can create a very different outcome.

Stillness teaches you how to master your mind and your emotions. You will find yourself being less reactive and more in the driver's seat. When my friends ask me how I am able to detach from certain people and situations, I tell them about Stillness. It is my number one tool for creating internal peace.
Practicing stillness will help to slow down time and create calmness within you. A calm mind is a powerful mind. From this place of calm and strength, your level of thinking will increase and you will be able to access solutions to problems very quickly. Your calm state creates a place of safety for people and you will notice them responding to you in a positive manner.

And, if you have been struggling to recover – physically or mentally – from some kind of trauma or illness, practicing stillness will be the best form of healing you will ever find. At these times, it is often our higher self tapping us on the shoulder telling us to go within and listen -- listen to our inner wisdom and create some type of change in our lives.

This all may not sound very magical because it is not an instant fix, but if you apply stillness as a consistent daily practice, you will feel the magic beginning to swirl in your life.

If you feel like you don't have enough time to spend creating a little stillness in your life, know that this is not your truth. You do have time. It's a matter of making this a priority for you. It may mean having to put a boundary in place, to ask for help, to delegate something, or to make yourself as important as your number one client!

Begin with 3 - 5 minutes a day - this is a fantastic start! You will start reaping the benefits immediately. Gradually increase your quiet time and remember the best way to create a daily habit is to start with baby steps.

You can do it!

Bridget Engel, CPPC, blends her business background, coaching principles, intuition and teaches her clients how to partner with their Divine Guidance. (which is a short cut to all good things). Get her ezine and archived ezines here -

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