* Speak Serve Grow Formula


Have you ever thought of using speaking to gain a rush of warm leads, clients, and revenue?

Imagine... what would it be like to have a bigger impact, serve more people, and grow your business?

Or maybe you're already speaking and you're ready to level up.

I've been doing teleclasses, webinars, radio and live speaking gigs for almost twenty years, and it's one of the easiest ways to have your five-star clients discover and fall in love with you!

There are a few things you need to know in order to rock your talk, so I asked the rocking expert, Kristin Thompson, to share her simple strategies that help "regular people" (meaning you don't need to be famous) give free speaking gigs that serve the room in a big way, and generate big pay days for you and your business.

Here's how to get rockin' big-six-figure results with the Speak Serve Grow Formula that shifts you from the audience to the stage.


In a moment, I'm going to share with you how I can help you begin to craft your talk. The important thing to know is that you want to really structure that talk properly so that it serves and sells.

Don't just sit down, and write out word-for-word a talk based on the first thing that pops into your head. The strategy behind your talk is simple, but without it, you'll be left spinning your wheels... giving talks that get you compliments, but not results.

Proper talk structure keeps you away from two deadly speaking sins that will always zap your sales.

Being a WINGER: your talk is inconsistent and not always easy to follow.
Being a TEACHER: your talk is heavy on content and can feel overwhelming.

BOTH the Winger and the Teacher will tend to go over their allotted speaking time, and that will ALWAYS cause you to lose sales.

So instead of winging it, or over-teaching, follow a proven talk structure that serves and sells.


I have great news here for ya. Booking yourself a speaking gig (or MANY) is simpler than you think! This step tends to bring up a lot of fear for people.

Most people simply send emails, asking if they can speak.

And the truth is that this isn't very effective, and you'll end up feeling discouraged as a result.

Approaching "getting the gigs" the wrong way, can really feel like a letdown.

So instead, you're going to pick up the phone.

What'd you say Kristin? That's right, I said it! Pick up the phone. What will you say? Great question.

Now we could go into detail on this but for the sake of brevity let me say this.

DO NOT start talking about you. :) You're going to feel tempted to explain who you are, your credentials, and other "speakery" things.

Instead, focus on how you can solve a problem for their audience. Focus on what you will teach people, how you'll entertain, and how you'll add to their great meeting/event.

That shift alone will get you more gigs. I promise. So pick up the phone, and seek to serve first.


Go out and give free talks. Why? Because free gigs pay big, baby. Say it with me now: "Free gigs pay big!" Woohoo! Doesn't that feel gooood?

Don't be shortsighted. Yes, you can go give a keynote and talk while people eat lunch, and you'll get a check when you're done. The average keynote will pay you between $3-5K.

As a point of comparison I've given small, free talks here in Portland, Oregon (where I live) that generated $10K; I've spoken at other people's events and generated $30K, $50K, even $100K from a one-hour talk.

So there is a bigger picture here - a long tail of profitability - that you can take advantage of when you speak for free and actually enroll people into working with you further.

The most important thing here is to offer a HOT, entry-level offer. Something easy to say "yes" to. I generally suggest that it be under $1000, and for many people it will fall in the $300-500 range.

This way, you can sell the majority of the room, generate more clients, and more income, while bringing in lots of hot leads for your higher-level programs too.

Wanna learn a little more? Get Kristin's FREE TRAINING to Rock Your Talk here. You'll learn how to craft your talk and follow the Rock Your Talk Business Blueprint.

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