Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Off It

Have you ever gotten a whirlwind of negative thoughts about something important to you? Yeah, me too. What’s even more disheartening is when you know you’re doing it and you can’t get your mind in a good place about the topic.

You start trying every trick you know to think positive about the subject. For example, if you’re stressed out about getting clients, you may say to yourself, “Don’t worry. The money will come. I’m a millionaire. I appreciate money.”

Nothing happens. You’re still stressed about money.

Next you watch a Byron Katie or Michael Beckwith video about money. That doesn’t help either.

In coaching lingo, we call this process “being hooked.” It’s like having a hook through your mouth and being reeled into more negative thoughts. I experience this feeling as temporary insanity. I pray, “Can someone just take my brain away from me so I can relax for a moment?!”

You’re so emotionally charged about the topic, there is only one thing left to do. Get off it! The topic, that is. Stop trying to get to the positive feelings until you feel better in general.

This requires a whole switch in your focus. In these moments, I usually go for something that will capture my attention fully. For instance, a walk would give me more time to think… and that can be dangerous.

What works better for me is to go answer some emails, watch Netflix, listen to an Abraham-Hicks CD, make an entry in my appreciation journal, or go shopping. You have to go for full-on distraction. This will create a softer focus on the topic you were scaring yourself about.

I like to remind myself that everything always works out, and this, too, shall pass. By the way, it is sooooooo okay that you got tripped up… or should I say “tripped out”? Happens to all of us. I consider myself a conscious thinker, and I can go down the emotional sewer as fast as the best of them!

When you soften your focus on a highly charged subject, you can actually open to receive the solution… or inspiration will hit with the perfect action to take. This is better known as the “allowing” mode. You have to create some breathing room for the Universe to do what it does best. 

Just get off it. ;-)



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