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I used to hate planning. Why plan, when you can just get into action?

Fortunately, and unfortunately, playing that way got me to six figures in my business. I kept doing my business the only way I’d practiced up to that point…

  • Get an inspired idea.
  • Throw it out to my followers.
  • Hope something really good happens.
  • Make enough sales to keep it going.
  • Start again.

It wasn’t thrilling. I didn’t feel successful. I was frustrated by the lack of sales, even though the people who bought were raving fans. My profits weren’t enough to put me at ease about my finances.

It got old real quick. But I didn’t do anything different for yeeears. I just kept practicing what I knew.

Finally… I hired several mentors in a row who did something I didn’t do. They made very intentional plans before they launched their products and services.

I gave it a whirl.

I discovered that making a plan made me feel more confident about launching my programs. That confidence made me bolder in the way I marketed and spoke to people.

And, I figured out the when, where, who, and how of making my sales BEFORE I got into action.

It was sooo much better than winging it. My profits began to double on a regular basis.

Here is your cheat sheet to make more sales…

  • Choose a product or service you freaking love
  • Feel good about the price
  • Determine how many you need to sell and how often for uber profitability
  • Clarify exactly who it’s for and what problem it solves
  • What will be different in your customer’s life after consuming your “thing”?
  • How will this product or service support your business model and money funnel?
  • Choose the 5 easiest ways to find your ideal peeps
  • Nail down who can help you make this thing fly
  • Give your peeps a compelling reason to buy NOW
  • Know your promise (and deliver on it)
  • Partner with your Inner Business Expert and make a plan with inspired actions and complete-by dates
  • If they say no, what will you offer them next?
  • If they say yes, what will you offer them next?
  • Decide where you’ll need to invest money in the project to be totally polished and irresistible
  • Design systems to make delivery and customer services easy and professional
  • Create daily inner and outer practices to make winning a “sure thing”

And no matter what…

Be excited. Be very excited.

How easy can you stand it?

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Sarah Pryor
I love your checklist! Simple, concise, helpful. Thank you! I will keep this list handy when strategizing.