Say “Yes” to Having It All!

Say “Yes” to Having It All! Have you been dreaming of a new car? Do you have an idea for a new product, business, invention, or investment? Would you love an intimate relationship that rings your bells every single day? Maybe you’ve always talked about traveling to near and faraway lands.

Would you like to have these things now?

If you said “YES!” your fun starts immediately. If you said “Yes, but…” ah, the struggle or complacency is now at work. A “Yes, but” can look very real and very justified.
  • Yes, but I have to wait until the kids move out.
  • Yes, but I don’t have the time or money.
  • Yes, but I’ve got to bring home the bacon every day.

They seem like valid reasons why it’s not reasonable to have your dream now. But are you okay with not living your real desires?

If you would trust the powerful (never failing!) Universal Law of Attraction, you could say “YES!” to several of your dreams right now.

When you say “YES!” the dream immediately starts unfolding before your very eyes. The right people show up to help you. You read things in magazines that are the exact information you need for your next step. Circumstances literally align perfectly so that you may have your desire. One of the best parts of this process is that it doesn’t matter what has happened in your past. You could have filed bankruptcy yesterday and then create a million-dollar deal today.

How is this possible?

You choose the dream. You pick out who’d be in it with you, paint in the colors and smells, and feel the feelings as if you’re living the dream this moment. Then decide that you want it.

Say “YES”! Expect that you will indeed live this dream now. Now get excited for what is about to transpire.

“What do I have to do next?” you ask.

Whatever the heck you want. You may feel like doing something directly related to your dream or not. Maybe you want to go test drive the new Porsche. You may feel like surfing the web for castles to spend the night in while touring Italy.

The point is this: You only take inspired action. When it’s inspired, every action feels like a “want to” rather than a “have to.” Mind-blowing fact: When you are feeling great, ANY action you take, whether related to your dream or not, is VERY PRODUCTIVE!

The secret (the information has actually been out for thousands of years!) is to allow the circumstances to unfold for you, allow the “how-to’s” and answers to appear, and let that red carpet roll out for you.

When you force yourself to do something, you actually shut down opportunities, prosperity, and creativity. You are now shut off from flow. It’s similar to a big dam in a rushing river. It slows everything down to a trickle.

Do you want booming abundance or tidbits?

You know, you have NOTHING to lose by deciding to have your dreams now. The only thing that’s between you and ANY dream is your perspective.

What inspired action could you take today towards your dreams?  What "Yes, BUT" can you transform to "YES I AM?"



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