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There is a crisis in the world—one that is not talked about openly. Some would say I’m crazy for even mentioning this.

The world is awash in greed. That’s what the media exploits. And we believe them.

I think the opposite. Too often people are not asking for enough. When I first start coaching clients around their goals and desires, they consistently ask for a result lower than what they really want.

Or they have a big kickass goal, but in reality, each day they don’t expect great things to come their way.


They don’t believe it’s possible to get what they want.

They believe the journey to manifestation is filled with blood, sweat, and tears.

They’re still holding their goal waaay out in their future. Somewhere. Out. THERE.

Not truly expecting the good stuff to happen in their HERE and NOW.

People! If you don’t clarify the real goal, make a plan, go after it, and fully expect it, how the heck are you going to see major improvements in the quality of your health, relationships, and prosperity? And what about overall peace?

Don’t just say you’re going to write a book. Write a book that transforms lives. Write a best seller. Write a book that people fall in love with and then buy your products and services.

Don’t just write a book because you have a book inside of you.

Decide what the impact of that book will have on you, the readers, and your business.

If you knew that you could manifest any result in your business this quarter, what would it be? And if you knew that the unfolding wouldn’t be hell, but joy and expansion…

What would you go for?

If this sounds like a Law of Attraction pep talk, it is. But it’s more than that. The process you use to set your intentions and expectations is the same one that delivers your revenue.

When I ask people if they want to double their profits, they reply, “YES! But I’d be happy with just X number of dollars.” And so goes the process of setting your expectations lower and lower and lower. And your results show it.

A few years back I was planning a new coaching program and got caught up in the process of the goal, which was very exciting to me, and had not yet sat down to get detailed about my financial outcomes. As I tossed around numbers, I noticed that they weren’t making me jump out of my skin with elation.

The numbers sounded good and they would definitely look nice in my bank account, but they weren’t making me say, “YES! Let’s go for this and make it a reality.” I asked myself, “What do I really want? What would be the cooler than cool outcome here?” My numbers almost doubled. And the weirder thing was that it seemed easier to go bigger.


Because the lower numbers almost felt like I “tried” to go for something but didn’t hit the mark. It would be anticlimactic, although nice, to generate a lower number as my profit target. If I didn’t manifest above and beyond what I needed to “get by,” I’d have to go out and beat the pavement to generate more sales soon after the program started. That wasn’t enthusing me at all!

I urge you to reevaluate your financial and business goals this week. Are they clear? Are they a little wimpy? Are they what you really, really, really want?

Have you created a plan to actualize each goal?

Are you “all in,” or are you dispassionately sitting on the sideline of the game?

Eradicate complacency! (That’s my business mission this year.)

Save yourself time, frustration, and money. Do it right the first time, and set intentions that you are willing to plan for and take action on. It’ll expand your current money paradigm, and you’ll have a heck of a good time implementing each step and celebrating each “win” along the way!

What is one step you can take this week to create a kickass revenue goal that’ll knock your socks off?

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Jeanna Gabellini
Yeah, I figured the new branding would throw some people for a loop. Glad you cracked it open! And I like the sound of being the hip version to the old school boys...all though I adore both of them.
Dr. Linda Christensen
Wow!!! Jeanna, this is awesome! You're such a brilliant writer and so "on it!" Thank you for the kick! So true what you say. PS I gather you're shifting your brand to "Flip the Switch"? Just so you know, I hadn't open a lot of your emails with that in there thinking it was some affiliate that I know it's really about YOU, I'll open them for your fabulous mentorship. Another PS: I think you need to speak to the whole world and not just coaches or entrepreneurs, I wonder if it might be time to take your former LOA coaching to another level to become the next Jack Canfield or Tony Robbins, female hip version. :)